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Nail Lacquer

New Wave

08 Mar 2019

I don’t know whether it was me and my bad nail polishing skill or this product was not meant for me. The formula is too thin in my opinion, i need 2-3 coat to make it even and vivid. When it dries, the surface is still sticky :( Causing quite a mess. It’s impossible to ... Read more


Rose All Day Cosmetics

The Realest Lightweight Foundation


08 Mar 2019

Tried this foundation because of their collab bundle with FSS (For Skin Sake) HA Serum! such a steal! 💓 When I first received this, have been mesmerized by the packaging. Comes with pump-tube for better control of dispensing the product. The product’s texture is more l ... Read more


For Skin's Sake (FSS)

Retinol Serum

23 Oct 2018

My very first retinol serum! With sensitive and eczema-prone skin type, at first i’m hesistating to try this serum. But the branding and the thought of fine lines finally get me to try this. Not to mention, anti aging products should be incorporate to our routine as ear ... Read more



Water Sleeping Mask

16 May 2018

This is one of the first sleeping mask i tried. Scent-wise: scent is good, and theraupetic i’d say. (They claimed the fragrance was specially made for help ease the process of sleeping). Texture-wise: slightly runny, quite easy to absorb and leaving slight oily residue ... Read more