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3.6(8 reviews)

20 Feb 2018

my curiosity took me something this time. bought aquasource on sale at duty free shop ofc i wouldn't miss that moment. i heard nothing but good things related to biotherme so i grab this one as my trial. i love it so far! it has gel texture so it's a yes for my oily ski ... Read more

3.6(70 reviews)
JafraRoyal Jelly Lift Concentrate

15 Feb 2018

hmmm anything related to jafra pasti jadi hits ya. this little bottle doesnt worth the hype i think. my aunt told me she use this for her son acne prone skin and it works for him. and it didnt work for my acne however my other are who doesnt hv acne feel more softer and ... Read more

3.6(2334 reviews)
MaybellineEye & Lip Make Up Remover

11 Feb 2018

sebelum pakai wardah aku pakai ini lumayan lama. tbh it's better than wardah makeup remover yg oil tp karna aku hemat jadi lebih pilih wardah yg bisa buat semuanya. sumpah ini oke banget buat ngangkat eye makeup kita dan juga bibir yg sudah pasti lebih gampang lagi.

3.6(3664 reviews)
WardahHydrating Aloe Vera Gel

10 Feb 2018

since the hype of korean aloe vera gel no wonder Wardah is come up with the same concept of product. im excited to try this as to compare with the korean one. in my honest review, wardah did i again. they have answered u all prayer because this product is awesome. it do ... Read more

3.6(2636 reviews)
Viva CosmeticsMilk Cleanser


07 Feb 2018

if i forgot to bring my makeup remover when im away i'd buy this because it's cheap and literally can get it everywhere. it can remove my makeup althou need a longer time to remove waterproof makeup. surely this one not meant to be for me because the next day i can feel ... Read more

3.6(6912 reviews)
GarnierMicellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Makeup Remover & Cleanser

07 Feb 2018

i wasnt quite sure about this product as i had bad experience with garnier product so i told myself to be extra cautious with garnier. but to my surprise this micellar water is good. i'd put them as equal as loreal micellar water but cheaper which is good for us in a ti ... Read more

3.6(8117 reviews)
VaselineRepairing Jelly (Pure Petroleum Jelly)

06 Feb 2018

love this gel so much! i can use it almost for everything. i use it as lip balm even better when you use it before your sleep time. i use it for my dry elbow and woosh it become smooth the next day. nothing can go wrong with this

3.6(1975 reviews)
The Body ShopTea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

04 Feb 2018

bought this out of curiosity because tee tree line is not working for me but i was telling myself that it is just facial wash so wont matter that much. i was right tee tree from tbs is forever not my thing.

3.6(8994 reviews)
CetaphilGentle Skin Cleanser

02 Feb 2018

my always come back cleanser when im starting to have breakout. im trying to find another cleanser that can does the same like this one. as it says it is quite gentle on the skin and im feeling super clean, super fresh after washing my face.

3.6(349 reviews)
BLP BeautyLip Coat

Burnt Cinnamon

31 Jan 2018

an ok product, doesnt give me that wow factor. first thing that attract me the mast is the scent. love the vanilla scent, it is somehow quite soothing. the staying power is ok and last for a long time as long you dont eat oily food. what i dislike is the price lol. so e ... Read more