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4.9(12 reviews)
BVLGARIOmnia Crystaline


13 Dec 2018

Suka banget sama ini!!! Wanginya enak banget, gak ngerti jelasin wanginya gimana, tapi kayak soft gitu, pokoknya gak nyengat. Wanginya awet banget gak ilang-ilang! Terus wanginya gampang nempel sama baju atau kain lain kalo bersentuhan, jadi kalo misalnya pake jaket, at ... Read more

3.9(1860 reviews)
InnisfreeGreen Tea Seed Serum

08 Dec 2018

Bought this serum because I was tempted by so many good reviews, but I forgot to see the ingredients first and turns out it contains alcohol, then I know something bad about to happen, and yes I’m right, welcome again the breakouts! I immediately stopped using this seru ... Read more

4.6(18 reviews)
Burt's BeesTinted Lip Balm


28 Nov 2018

Currently using this lip balm. I like the packaging but I’m definitely not a fan, this one is similar to Baby Lips, the color isn’t really pigmented, and the moisture isn’t that good too. Repurchase? Nah.

4.1(255 reviews)
InnisfreeBija Trouble Facial Foam

09 Nov 2018

Moving on to this one after spent more than 5 tubes of Senka, because I don’t get any benefit from Senka. After almost a month using Innisfree, I can say that I like it! It’s not causing me any breakouts, I feel so clean after wash my face with this. I don’t like the sm ... Read more

4.2(1529 reviews)
PixiGlow Tonic

31 Oct 2018

I really love this alcohol-free toner! It help to soothe and heal my skin. My skin feel so smooth and it vanished the breakouts! You can feel the result right away after your first try. If you have acne prone skin and also sensitive skin, you can choose this toner as ex ... Read more

4(2 reviews)
SephoraDry Shampoo

Green Tea

29 Oct 2018

This dry shampoo is so tiny! It fits into a small handbag if you need to use on the go. I choose green tea because I always love the scent of green tea, but this one literally not my favorite. It smells so strong.

4.7(3 reviews)
SephoraLip Scrub


27 Oct 2018

This is my first lip scrub. I think the scrub is not too harsh to my lips. I choose kiwi instead of honey because I love the scent of kiwi, it should be a fresh fruit scent, but what I got is like a kiwi candy scent I guess, I’m not sure. I’m not a fan of this product, ... Read more

3.6(259 reviews)
Nature RepublicSoothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 90% Toner

26 Oct 2018

I’m not sure who causes me breakouts, the toner or the gel, I applied this toner before use their gel, and it causes me breakouts, then I stop both of them right away before it get worse, and gave them all to my sister, cause they works really good in her skin.

3.9(16573 reviews)
Nature RepublicAloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

26 Oct 2018

I bought aloe vera gel after seeing a lot of good reviews about it, I apply it before I sleep and let it stay overnight after I used their toner and it made my skin worse, breakouts everywhere! Repurchase? No.

3.6(2491 reviews)
The Body ShopTea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

13 Oct 2018

This product has a cooling sensation when I apply it and I love it. It smells so strong(?). When I use this I notice that it help to dries the ‘bruntusan’ but also it dries my skin too I’m not suggested people with dry skin to use this.