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3.6(3366 reviews)
The OrdinaryNiacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

19 Apr 2019

one of the most hyped up product that makes me curious. i have tried this product for about a week. i can say that this is not great for me. i really hate the finish of this product. its tacky and hard to layer with. it makes my moisturizer acting weird on top of it. it ... Read more

3.6(107 reviews)
InnisfreeJeju Orchid Eye Cream

09 Mar 2019

this cream contains a lot of product that will last long and also quite affordable. Ive been using this product for about 2 years now. this cream really hydrates my under eyes but it doesnt brighten my under eyes.

3.6(44 reviews)
Too FacedSweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection Palette

09 Mar 2019

good quality eyeshadow palette. love the scent! cute packaging and sturdy. this palette has nice warm tone colour selection. the mattes are easy to blend but some darker shades kinda patchy, the shimmer is nice and reflecting enough.

3.6(21 reviews)
Fenty BeautyStunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color


09 Mar 2019

i really love the packaging of this lipstick looks unique and fancy, this colour turns into a little bit darker than i expected. this lipstick is comfortable to wear but its not really long lasting tho.

3.6(416 reviews)
CosrxCentella Blemish Cream

21 Oct 2018

this cream helps calming my irritates skin . it is mildy healing my acne, break out and slowly reducing appearance of acne scar . the result is not instant it takes time about a week or so . the downside of this cream are the texture is too thick and leaves white cast a ... Read more