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3.6(571 reviews)
SomethincNiacinamide + Moisture Beet Serum

06 Jul 2019

Love it!!! This was really good to me. Niacinamide in this strength will help keep your skin cells young, increase ATP of the skin cells for optimal health, reduce excess oil in the skin (not drying though), and decrease hyperpigmentation, even the PIH from acne. This i ... Read more

3.6(1 reviews)
Artisan ProfessionelL'Essentiel - Upper Lashes

L’essentiel - 618

29 May 2019

Such a variant that lets me believe that I can look so pretty no matter if it is day or night. The superfine lashes fanned out of each corner to curve upwards ending up in a subtle finish and giving a radiant touch With the classic style, my lashes look longer and fulle ... Read more

3.6(14 reviews)
Aeris Beaute MRS. BLENDIE

Baby Pink

27 May 2019

must have banget! aku suka banget soal nya bouncy parah, pori porinya juga kecil jadi gak banyak menyerap prdouct. enak banget buat di tap-tap di wajah. Pokonya super luv! Kemana2 selalu ada di makeup pouchku! 💖

3.6(73 reviews)
NYXTame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade


21 May 2019

I bought this product a few months ago and I'm satisfied with it. However, it isn't smudge or water proof. Sure you can wear it swimming and your eyebrows won't melt off, but if you rub them or touch them with a bit of pressure then they will.

3.6(156 reviews)
BVLGARIRose Essentielle


21 May 2019

This is a very pleasant, very sophisticated rose scent. Probably my favorites of all the rose scents I've tried. Soft, classy, not overpowering.I think it’s beautiful! It is not a dark rose, but a young and soft one for those who like sweet scents ❤

3.6(63 reviews)
GucciEnvy Me

21 May 2019

one of my fav perfume I'm 22 and Ive been wearing this perfume for the last 8 years since I was 14 and in Highschool. I was surprised to love such a fragrance Im a fruity floral kind of girl in this even though their are a few fruity notes the floral is dominant its a v ... Read more

3.6(10 reviews)
FREEMANFeeling Legendary Pore Cleansing Volcanic Ash Peel-Off Mask

21 May 2019

This mask takes way too long to dry and does not dry evenly, which only lets you peel it on the edges and nothing else. Besides the point, it smells like a literal Sharpie, to the point where I could lose brain cells by leaving it on for too long.

3.6(312 reviews)
The Body ShopDROPS OF YOUTH Concentrate

21 May 2019

What a nifty little invention! I have struggled with combination skin for years and have spent so long trying to de oil-slick my face that I have completely ignored the fact that my skin is very dehydrated. I've used other products from the drops of youth range and have ... Read more

3.6(387 reviews)
The Body ShopVitamin E Gentle Facial Wash

Vitamin E

21 May 2019

This gentle cleanser is my favourite so far. It’s super thick and creamy and it has a lovely smell I can’t even describe. I’ve noticed I haven’t been getting as many blemishes, When I rinse water over my face it produces a lovely lather too. And I love the packaging it’ ... Read more

3.6(521 reviews)
The Body ShopWhite Musk Eau de Parfum

21 May 2019

This looks very nice it looks very smooth and a very nice smells not to strong. I love the special smell. Very fresh and attractive. it's a great day time fragrance. As expected. Veryyyyyyyy pleased