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3.9(25 reviews)
SariayuAutomatic Eyebrow

Natural Black

08 Jun 2019

produk ini tersedia di transmart seharga 50 ribu rupiah. tidak ada spoolie-nya. praktis karena tidak perlu diraut. tapi teksturnya super creamy, sedangkan aku lebih senang pensil alis yg teksturnya keras dan padat. tergantung selera aja. pakai produk ini harus hati2 ban ... Read more

4.3(68 reviews)
EskulinEskulin Kids Splash Cologne


24 May 2019

definitely one of my favorite colognes! it is cheap, easy to buy, it smells good and fresh especially when I just took a bath and wear this. if you like that kind of scent you probably want to give this product a try. this is used to be my holy grail cologne when I was ... Read more

4(92 reviews)
EskulinCologne Gel

Special Day Dream Day

24 May 2019

this product brings me back when I was in junior high, and even now I still wear this sometimes. it is in a gel form so it doesn't get sloppy and very convenient to bring to school. I apply this cologne gel only on my neck. the scent is super strong but it definitely st ... Read more

3.6(56 reviews)
The Body ShopVitamin C Daily Glow Cleansing Polish

24 May 2019

this is probably the first face cleanser that gives me a quite fast result. I've only been using this for a week and my skin appears brighter and glowy. it comes in a tube which is very convenient. the product is in a gel form and contains a very soft peeling scrub so i ... Read more

3.8(5 reviews)
3CEFresh Aqua Mist

24 May 2019

salah satu face mist kesukaanku! kemasannya oke, spray-nya lumayan bagus (nyebarnya lumayan merata ke kulit), harganya menurutku tidak terlalu mahal mengingat ukuran produknya banyak jadi sesuai harga. I have oily skin so this kinda product fits me. I need moisture but ... Read more

4.4(84 reviews)
LakméIlluminating Shimmer Brick

24 May 2019

first of all I want to say thank you so much to Female Daily Network for giving me this product to try and review. start with the packaging, it is sleek but it doesn't come with a mirror and brush. if you want to use it as eyeshadows, the upper color (pink) is patchy, b ... Read more

4.1(2082 reviews)
EminaSugar Rush Lip Scrub

13 May 2019

my fave :') the price is affordable, makes my lips smooth and plump, taste so yummy, easy to buy, what more could I ask for? packaging is quite convenient too since it comes in a liiiil jar so it is comfortable to travel with. definitely will repurcase.

3.3(63 reviews)
EminaBare With Me Mineral Loose Powder

01 Fair

13 May 2019

loose powder is oily skin's best friend (as the saying goes) but this product is not for my skin. the texture is pretty smooth so it stays on my skin quite decent. my issue with this product is that it makes my skin look too matte at first but a few moments later my ski ... Read more

4(2876 reviews)
EminaCheeklit Cream Blush


13 May 2019

never thought that I would buy this cream blush since cream blush makes my pores look bigger at least from my pov but I bought it anyway :D packaging is cute and convenient cuz it comes in a tube so it is quite hygienic. the price is so affordable which is a good point. ... Read more

4.2(1434 reviews)
Aztec SecretIndian Healing Clay

06 Feb 2019

I have oily acne-prone and sensitive skin, and I really wish I could give this product one more chance, but my skin just can't handle it. on my first time trying, it felt like my face is being pulled out. It was just too tight and too drying. after I washed the clay mas ... Read more