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4.2(19 reviews)
Sensatia BotanicalsBlack Volcanic Sand Soap

17 Jul 2019

this is my first pass ever since i started trying sensatia’s products. i mean, i love me sum good scrubbing but... sis ini pasir scrubbing apa ampelas? 😭😭 awalnya beli karena punggung mendadak muncul jerawat gede satu biji, dan kata SA-nya ini bagus buat jerawat pungg ... Read more

4.3(146 reviews)
MaybellineThe Colossal Big Shot Volum' Express Mascara


12 Jul 2019

my lashes are very thin and very short and this mascara does the job lengthening it more so than volumizing, which is okay because i can always use two coats without it being irritably clumpy. i find that this mascara smudges by the end of the day, which is an important ... Read more

4.2(25 reviews)
Rollover ReactionCHUNKY! Lip Cheek Crayon


12 Jul 2019

suka sih, cuma kalau gak dipake over a layer of lipbalm, lip creamnya berasa agak terlalu powdery for my liking. i especially love the color karena warnanya kayak your lips but better dan jauh lebih seger. very natural, but very pretty! ✨

4.3(125 reviews)
MaybellineFit Me Loose Finishing Powder

20 Light Medium

12 Jul 2019

jujur this powder makes your skin look so smooth and creamy, i really like the finish it gives on my skin. it’s not too deadly matte either and still gives off a nice natural finish (tapi tetep it’d be way much better kalo pake setting spray seudahnya), and it helps boo ... Read more

4.6(39 reviews)
Rollover ReactionHaloblush Coloring Stick


12 Jul 2019

i think i just found my favorite cream blush??? masalahnya blushnya gampang banget dipakai dan gak right off the bat terlalu pigmented, consistencynya kayak cream to powder jadi gak harus takut pipi berasa lengket dan lepeque, and i tested this out for my muaythai class ... Read more

4.3(575 reviews)
MaybellineFashion Brow Cream Pencil

Dark Grey

12 Jul 2019

udah repurchase ini berkali-kali karena bisa beli di indomaret deket rumah dan harganya pun murah meriah! konsistensinya kayak tipe2 hard pencil, so it’s not too pigmented and really easy to use. it fades fairly quickly though, but with the price i really don’t mind tou ... Read more

4.8(98 reviews)
Becca CosmeticsShimmering Skin Perfector Poured Creme


12 Jul 2019

this highlighter makes your skin go va-va-voom! i love how you can control the pigmentation so on days where you wanna go light-handed, this bad boy does the trick as much as when you want it to have the intense blinding effect. packaging is pretty alright but i find th ... Read more

4.2(1126 reviews)
MaybellineFit Me! Concealer

20 Sand

12 Jul 2019

my second to most favorite drugstore concealer (the first being loreal’s true match) and it does the job concealing dark circles as mine’s not too severe but it does very little covering when it comes to acne scars. it layers pretty well though

4.7(201 reviews)
MizzuBrow Wow

Grey Shade

04 Jul 2019

really affordable and really does the job to fill in the sparse areas of my brow. i tend to like brow products that are not too creamy so that it won’t get too pigmented too easily, biar ngga kayak alis boboho gitu, dan ini persis kayak gitu. tapi isinya dikit banget, i ... Read more

4.3(6 reviews)

Breath of Fresh Air

03 Jul 2019

an impulse buy, but this product is one of my great finds! i use this as a texturizing spray for my hair (since sea salt sprays are BOMB for voluminohs beachy curls). i always get this effortless tousled bedhead curls when whenever i use this along with the dirty hair c ... Read more