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3.6(149 reviews)
E.L.FStudio Baked Highlighter

Moonlight pearls

lennycheng doesn't recommend this product!

2 days ago

Since it is a baked product, it’s hard to pick up. You need to scrape out the “first layer” for the products to easily cling on your brush bristles. And yet, the shimmer particles aren’t fine enough that it will accentuate your skin texture. Not to mention the fragile p ... Read more

Usage Period : 3 months - 6 months

Purchase Point : Brand website

3.6(23 reviews)
SKINFOODRoyal Honey Propolis Essence

10 Apr 2019

• Packaging - 5/5 Love the lazy-ass-friendly dispensing design (swipe twice to see it in action). Love the glass bottle too. • Texture - 5/5 Light and watery. A few taps and it’s absorbed beautifully into the skin👌🏻. • Result - 3.5/5 Apart from the hydration, this doe ... Read more

3.6(3 reviews)

10 Apr 2019

Favorite powder cleanser at the moment: • Packaging 5/5. Lightweight, easy to dispense, close tight (no spill) and you can see how much left from the side. • Product - 5/5. Lather well, you can have thick foam all Japanese cleanser should have if you use the right amoun ... Read more

3.6(32 reviews)
Sulwhasoolumitouch powder


07 Jun 2018

Februari lalu, waktu ikut workshop Sulwhasoo kebetulan ada kesempatan untuk test powder ini. Aku suka packagingnya bentuk mesh, instead of tiny holes. Menurutku lebih mudah mendapatkan jumlah produk yg sesuai. Puffnya lembut banget, tapi karena ngga biasa apply powder d ... Read more

3.6(74 reviews)
ParasolUV White Sunscreen Lotion SPF45 PA++

10 Mar 2018

Tested for a week, on dry, comedone-prone skin. Packaging:(+) comes in sealed tube, so you know it is unused and fresh.(+) squeez-y tube, hygienic and easy to control(+) the cap close tight(+) great for travel: not too big, made from plastic. Ingredients:(-) quite worri ... Read more

3.6(248 reviews)
L'Oreal ParisPure Clay Mask


29 Nov 2017

This is my least favorite out of the three. I don't find it especially illuminating. Maybe since the other two also brighten my complexion after each use. I'm not saying this is a bad product though. This is just not the right product for me. I think this might be more ... Read more

3.6(237 reviews)
L'Oreal ParisPure Clay Mask

Pore Refining

29 Nov 2017

My favorite out of the three variants of L'oreal Pure Clay Mask. I have dry skin, so I don't necessarily have issues with big pores. However, my pores actually looks smaller after using this!! Bayangkan! I was totally amazed by how this mask perform. Will totally repurc ... Read more

3.6(156 reviews)
L'Oreal ParisPure Clay Mask


29 Nov 2017

I like this even before it is available in Indonesia. Aku excited banget waktu akhirnya masuk ke Indonesia, dan untungnya kualitas produk yang tersedia di Indonesia tidak berbeda dengan yang PO dari US! Menurutku ini comparable banget sama merk sebelah yang kemasannya j ... Read more

3.6(1390 reviews)
Hada LaboGokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Light Lotion

21 Mar 2016

This makes me breakout. I so wish this could be the one hydrating toner for me since it is so affordable! Unfortunately I don't know what's inside this that doesn't go well with my skin. I got few bumps here and there after only a few uses.

3.6(1 reviews)


21 Mar 2016

Instant result!!I know I'll be repurchasing this stuff over and over again since the first use. I can actually feel my skin feels plumper instantly after I applied the product on my face. The next morning I was pleasantly surprised that my skin felt so soft, plump and h ... Read more