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4.5(2739 reviews)
BiodermaSensibio H2O

21 Jun 2018

great micellar water to remove your makeup! I was mistakenly using this as a toner (aku pikir ini memang toner), sbg org baru di dunia perskincare-an, I don't really know the meaning and function of micellar water back then lol. after 2-3 bottles use, aku stop repurchas ... Read more

4.1(69 reviews)
TiffScrub Body Face


21 Jun 2018

I've tried some variant of Tiff's scrub but I think the original (Coffee) one gives the most satisfying result. my skin become shoooo smooth after using this! maybe it would be even greater if it has smoother texture (bcs based on my observation people most likely said ... Read more

4.3(55 reviews)
RedwinSorbolene Moisturiser

21 Jun 2018

bought this last year with different packaging and running out of it not too long ago (I use this with another lotion alternately). I have this dry and sensitive body skin, waaay more sensitive than my face. kering dikit pasti langsung itchy. worst casenya pernah sampai ... Read more