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3.6(613 reviews)
KlairsFreshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

17 May 2019

Too bad so sad; gak cocok di mukaku! Padahal sudah berharap banyak sm serum ini. Stelah pemakaian selama 2 minggu yg diakhiri dgn breakout yg cukup serius (aku jarang bgt breakout krn sdikit kulit badak) then I decided to pause the use of this product. Might find a way ... Read more

3.6(29 reviews)
GlossierCloud Paint


17 May 2019

Lovin’ it! I can use it on any occasion cos it’s just so pretty on my warm skin tone! It’s the right texture, pigmentation & consistency. It’s that natural pink blush that as if you look literally blushing over a crush on someone. Not liking the price though for a small ... Read more

3.6(475 reviews)
PIXYMake It Glow Beauty Skin Primer

101 Beige

17 May 2019

This product is suitable to my range of makeup which is easy, light & practical since I don’t use makeup on a daily basis. I use this if I want to look a bit fresh but with very less makeup. So yeah, after a face wash I’ll just slap this on my face, add a bit of blush & ... Read more

3.6(1 reviews)
PeriperaTint Marker

#1 Plum Stain

17 May 2019

Got this at first as a gift from a friend, but turned out it was the perfect kind of lip tint. Easily applied (yeah cos it’s a literal marker), glides on the lips quite well, super pigmented, and most of all it is very long-lasting! One thing I kinda dislike is the tast ... Read more

3.6(318 reviews)
Rollover ReactionCushion Compact SPF 27

102 Honey Toast

30 Apr 2019

First timer on cushion and I bought the right product! Satisfying satin finish that looks like your skin BUT BETTER! Coverage is good with this one but it didn’t do so well on preventing the oil on my T-zone. Another thing to add is that it’s very lightweight on the ski ... Read more

3.6(51 reviews)
RistraExtremely Gentle Cleansing Milk

28 Apr 2019

Sebagai team setia facial milk cleanser, Ristra truly did a good job with this one! Affordable yet satisfying results. Their claim on pH balanced with this product is proven. Saya sudah coba milk cleanser dr yg paling murah ke yg high-end, dan pilihan saya jatuh ke Rist ... Read more

3.6(143 reviews)
Victoria's SecretLove Spell Fragrance Mist

11 Jan 2019

This body spray brings me back to my high school days! Smells so yummy to me - it’s like sweet candy flavor. But to some people the smell can be too strong to their liking. But this is just the perfume that brings back good old memories :)

3.6(57 reviews)
RevlonBig Brush Waterproof Mascara


11 Jan 2019

The most affordable mascara in the market! Untuk harga yg murah, hasil dr mascara ini cukup oke kok. Memang agak effort aja makenya biar gak clumpy hasilnya. Tapi hitamnya memang bener pekat jd hasilnya sangat accentuate mata kita. Baunya agak mengganggu krn kecium bgt ... Read more

3.6(709 reviews)
MaybellineFit Me! Concealer

25 Medium

11 Jan 2019

I thought my ZA concealer was irreplaceable, I was wrong! At first try I immediately fell in love. It really blends into my skin extremely well, outstanding coverage and not too oily on the face. One word: superb!

3.6(1910 reviews)
Pond'sMagic Powder BB

04 Jan 2019

Despite the bad reviews on this product, it shocked me that this powder actually works for me. It suits my skin color & tone, it holds the oil on my t-zone quite well and it doesn’t smell as bad as I would imagine. Also glad that now it is now available in Jakarta. But ... Read more