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Color Sensational Creamy Matte

657 Nude Nuance

17 Jun 2016

This is probably the best '90s close to brown color I have ever tried and I am able to pull off. The color is not too brown and sometimes it can be a bit mauvey, basically it has a mind of its own. The formula is one of my favorites, it is literally "creamy matte". The ... Read more



Color Trend 2015

Inspirasi Papua the Colors of Asia

17 Jun 2016

This product was bought impulsively when I visited the supermarket and it is pretty good. It is powdery though, and the brush end is super scratchy to use. The middle pan is apparently a primer and it works quite nice for keeping the eyeshadow in place and prolonging th ... Read more


Colourpop Cosmetics

Super Shock Shadow


17 Jun 2016

I expected a warmer color from this shade but it turns out to be a cool-toned deep violet on me. The formula really is as everyone has mentioned, it is somewhat moussey that sets into powder. I haven't tried any different finish of their eyeshadow apart from "matte", bu ... Read more


Clean And Clear

Daily Pore Cleanser

17 Jun 2016

Tried this facial wash to remove blackheads but unfortunately it doesn't do as it's claimed for. My skin does feel tight and soft right off but it also starts to peel off afterwards and that kind of sucks. The thing I regret the most out of this product is that it conta ... Read more



Line & Shadow


17 Jun 2016

This white eyeliner is too chalky and hard to get an even application. It has a poor staying power and smudges easily. Tried it multiple times for eyeshadow base and even though it is able to make the eyeshadow color look a little bit more vibrant, the staying power is ... Read more


Wet n Wild

Color Icon Bronzer


16 Jun 2016

This discontinued product was my very first bronzer I've ever tried and it is actually not so bad. It is warm-toned but not too orange or reddish so it looks like a nice glowy sunkissed effect on the skin. It is easy to blend and pigmented, definitely needs to be light- ... Read more


City Color

Be Matte Bronzer

Brown Sugar

16 Jun 2016

I was afraid that Brown Sugar wouldn't show up on my tan skin but I was wrong. It might be not as pigmented as it is on lighter skin but it still shows up very natural on tan skin. It is not as warm as most bronzers I've seen so I can still use it for light contouring. ... Read more


City Color

Rosy Cheeks

Fall Sunflower

16 Jun 2016

This blush has a nice peach color and pigmented enough to show up on my tan skin. It has a satin finish that's shimmery and a little bit powdery, but for under USD 5, it is forgiven. It is easy to apply, the shade is pretty, and it has 8.9 grams of product. Sadly, it ha ... Read more



Colorstay Moisture Stain

Miami Fever

16 Jun 2016

This Moisture Stain has a gel-like texture that's a bit sticky at first and it doesn't give the same pigmentation as liquid lipstick per se. It won't cover up the uneven pigmentation of the lips. It does give a nice glossy finish and leaves a stain on the lips after it' ... Read more



Long Lasting Matte Lip Gloss


16 Jun 2016

My expectation was low when I bought this product and it is as expected. The formula is not rich enough to fully cover the lips evenly just by one layer and it feels heavy when it's layered. It stays sticky even after it dried down and sinks into fine lines. The pros of ... Read more