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Extra Care Hair Repair

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11 Jul 2020

Deebee recommends this product!

Produk ini ngefek banget untuk menjinakkan rambutku ketika belum kenal flat iron. Rambutku tipe yang kaku dan lurus tapi suka keluar2 gitu ga stay in place apalagi kalau dipakai naik motor. Beli ini bbrp tahun yg lalu di hypermart dan sebagus itu dongg. Rambut jadi halus lembut dan in place meski naik motor. So sad ga bisa nemu ini lagi di mana2. Discontinued maybe?

Usage Period : More than 1 year

Purchase Point : Hypermart


23 Oct 2016

first time, I found this in Hypermart. I have damage hair. I know that my hair need keratin to recovery. So I bought it. Then,  I found this help my problem. I spray this on my damp hair. re-spray when I feel my hair dry. It should be shaken before using. I love the smell. 

I've been repurchasing. But, now I have problem to find this. I go to several Hypermart, but I can't find it. 
Then, I found a solve. I buy on IG: yantizent. She sells cheaper than Hypermart. I believe that she sells original products because I compared her products with Hypermart's products. 
Currently, she is the one and only my supplier for this product. I buy it around IDR 30,000.
The ingredients not only Keratin but also Collagen. This helps restore moisture balance for softer,  shinier hair.