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Rosepane Radiance Serum

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01 Jul 2021

Jusmalia doesn't recommend this product!

doesnt work on me...cuma sukanya dia melembabkan aja, selain itu nggak ada yg kusukai dr dia huhu...pumpnya nyebelin, tipe yg begitu dipencet muncratnya bisa kemana2, teksturnya jg nggak suka karena tend to oily jd kayak ada rasa minyak gt...aromanya astaga mungkin krn natural ya tp gak enak banget kyk bau minyak tengik 🤪 tiap pake stres mau tutup hidung...udah gt meski lembab glowing besokannya jd beruntusan...udah turun pangkat dia jadi serum lutut...

Usage Period : 1 month - 3 months

Purchase Point : Gift


04 Jun 2020

dsrchaidir recommends this product!

If you are an avid fan of rosehip oil range like myself, chances are you will love Trilogy's rosapene line. This Rosapene Radiance Serum is a milky, silky serum that I applies over Trilogy Certified Rosehip Oil as part of my evening skin care routine. It glides smoothly over my face. You could use it after any water based serums, personally when my skin is a bit dry, out of use, I use it over a light facial oil, under a heavy cream. You only need 2 drops at the most because a little goes a long way. I really love it! It feels really great, not too thick, not too liquidy. I think it helps a lot to make my skin looks healthier and feels great! I dont have any issues like dryness or red spots though.

Usage Period : More than 1 year

Purchase Point : C&F