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Power 10 Formula

GF Effector

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Oily, 19 - 24

27 Mar 2021

MuthiaBilqis recommends this product!

serum dari it's skin emng lucu semua kemasannya, yang biru untuk si pore problem itu enak bgt sih pas dipake, ringan bangen teksturnya dan langsung menyerap, pori2 ku juga kerasa menutup ga separah biasanya, terus yang krem aku lupa dia formula yg ke berapa dia buat anti aging gitu.

Usage Period : 3 months - 6 months

Purchase Point : Brand website



Dry, 25 - 29

14 Jan 2021

etiparatif recommends this product!

The texture is transparent, pretty watery but it has a bit more viscosity than water. It has a strong scent, I dont know exactly but It smells like the scent of laundry soap 😆 I usually drop 3/4 of dropper onto my palm and then pat it all over my face and neck, I use 2 layers day and night right after cleansing or toner. It doesn't give any tingling nor cooling sensation, a bit sticky, fast absord to the skin due to its lightweight formula. My skin feel slightly hydrated than before, but only slightly. Since I have very dry skin, I dont think it will help much, sorry for putting high expectation. I feel that it more suited for provide surface hydration and to prepare the skin for the next moisturizer. If you use this as toner/ampoule/essence/serum or whatever you call it, don't forget to lock it with heavy moiturizer to prevent water loss.

Usage Period : 1 month - 3 months

Purchase Point : PR Package



Oily, 19 - 24

10 Oct 2018

It’s Skin has lots of Power 10 serums to choose from. It was originally 10 like its name but it expanded to 12/13 each targeting different issues. As someone with multiple skin concerns, I spent quite some time deciding between VB for sebum control, LI for pigmentation, and GF for hydration. I ended up getting the GF one because I know oily skin needs extra hydration too. Actually I kinda regret getting it since serum is supposed to target ‘special’ issues not hydrate (u can get that from hydrating toners, moisturizer, oils, etc) but aside from that, this product performs great! It’s Skin has a priority order to apply the serums if you’re using all their Power 10 (which is crazy imho) and GF is on third meaning it is on the lighter side. It is water-based and very easily absorbed, but it really moisturize my skin. I like to use this to prep my skin before makeup too! It has a sturdy glass packaging with a dropper and pleasant scent. I think this is a great moisturizing product for oily skin, u should definitely give this a try!