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30 - 34

Combination, Medium Light, Warm

19 Jun 2020

zit_noniek recommends this product!

Anti-aging bio serum. And since it's not bio basis product, so you may expect the smell of funny smell. At first it didn't stink, but I think when it's oxidize the smell came out x)) That's why PAO is very short, I think it's 6 weeks only. What I like from BR is the simplicity of the products. It's so science! So Lab-ish! They sealed with rubber and metal lid to protect the ingredients inside. Every BR serum, they have their own pipet to attach. So usually I just put few drops straight on my skin and rub it off thoroughly, a lil pat will help to absorb too. It helps with my smile lines actually. All BR products really works on my skin, the only downside is the fragrant x(

Usage Period : 1 month - 3 months

Purchase Point : Brand website