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17 Jun 2019

I was repurchasing Kérastase Specifique’s Sensidote Dermo-Calm two days ago. I have been using it for three years. I ran out of it three days before I repurchased it on Saturday afternoon. I had not been able to allocate time to do kérastase treatment at the beauty salon last week, prior to repurchasing it. Therefore, I decided to repurchase and use it regularly for a few days before I have a leisure time to do the treatment this week. I have significantly felt the improvement and betterment of my hair and scalp condition after using Sensidote Dermo-Calm once in every two days, twice a day after I take a shower / bath in the mornings and nights before going to sleep. My scalp is not itchy anymore after having used this product regularly for six months. A year after that, the rednesses that often seen by myself and my hairstylist on my scalp had been reduced significantly so that my hair got stronger and healthier for the next year. Nowadays, I still use Kérastase’s Sensidote Dermo-Calm once a week, usually in the weekends since I no longer feel the itchiness and see rednesses on my scalp for the last six months, this year. I have repurchased it many times because it does work effectively on my sensitive scalp and has balanced my hair to a much better condition 💙