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2 Way Silicone Mask Cover

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25 - 29

Dry, Medium Dark, Warm

12 May 2019

enak banget buat penyangga masker biar gak kemana2 kalau dipakai beraktifitas. ukurannya cukup pas tapi lumayan bikin telinga sakit kalau dipakai terlalu lama. gampang dicuci dan dikeringkan. sebelum pakai sebaiknya dicuci dulu karena bahannya bikin debu nempel di penyangga maskernya ini. ada 2 versi, yg atas bawah terpisah dan yg jadi 1. kalau gak salah warnanya macam2 juga.



30 - 34

Dry, Medium Light, Neutral

23 Apr 2019

This thing is so underrated! I wonder why people haven’t post or review this product just yet??

If you dare declaring yourself a sheet mask enthusiast, wait until you get your hand on this! This product (and compressed sheet masks from bioaqua) saves me lots of $$$ from using sheet mask daily.

The thing is, most sheet masks contain excessive serum, but often not enough to be split into 2 usage. It’s either you squeeze the serum too much it dries up too fast, or barely enough to saturate the second mask. With this product, I can retain most of the moisture and maximize the application time before the sheet gets too dry (up to 2 hours, I kid you not! Fell asleep accidentally and woke up with the mask still on, and moist. Ha!)

This little beaut is snug and durable, been using it for 3 months without any issue. What’s not to love?? Should it tears (if ever!), I will most definitely repurchase it!