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The Inkey List

Vitamin B, C and E Moisturizer

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22 Nov 2020

giselanastiti recommends this product!

One of the best moisturizers that I've tried so far! I loved everything about this product. The price point was so cheap. Everybody could afford this moisturizer for sure. The texture was kinda more like a gel but it was a bit thicker. I should say that it was a combination of gel and cream texture. It was perfect texture for normal skin type. I wasn't sure whether the dry skin owner would love this moisturizer since it wasn't thick enough as the last step of skincare. The colour of this moisturizer was a bit dark not so clear like I expected. As we knew, this product contained some vitamins such as vitamin B, C and E. The vitamin B itself was the mighty niacinamide, vitamin C was ascorbyl glucoside and the last but not least vitamin E was tocopherol. Even though there were a lot of great brightening ingredients, I didn't feel any brightening effect. I just felt this one worked as a good moisturizer and that was all. Since I didn't know the percentage of those vitamins, I bet that I shouldn't put a high hope toward this moisturizer. Unfortunately, you couldn't buy The Inkey List from any official store both online and offline in Indonesia. You could find this product officially on Sephora Malaysia and Singapore. I believed you could also buy this product from some personal shoppers. Definitely worth my money. I would love to repurchase this moisturizer again.

Usage Period : 1 month - 3 months

Purchase Point : Sephora