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Morning Drizzle Calming Cream

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Oily, 25 - 29

16 Jan 2020

aliviamaulida recommends this product!

I have the tube version for this cream.▪️TEXTURE & SCENT! When you look it at the first time, you will think the texture is thick or heavy. But no no! It has lightweight and soft creamy texture that can melt immediately on your skin and this is true “make your skin breathe comfortably”. I smell mild lavender scent but not too over and I kinda like it for me who has sensitive with scent. ▪️THOUGHTS! First I wanna talk about what is its type of moisturizer? It is humectant-emollient-oclussive, yes complete! which is contains Glycerin, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Beeswax. But most of emollient or occlusive agent can work as double agent. I know for oily skin this is might heavy but nope, it spread well and blend on my skin without sticky, tacky, greasy and heavy feeling. I feel its sink into my skin and give moist, soft, plump, and glowing skin. It has same ingredients with the serum, rich in vitamins C like SAP, Arbutin, Tocopherol, Licorice Root Extract, Propolis Extract, and antioxidants of King’s berry. For about 2 weeks it doesn’t give irritation or breakout. It work well with my sunscreen on top. I think dry skin will also love this calming cream.

Usage Period : 1 week - 1 month

Purchase Point : Gift



Oily, 19 - 24

08 Mar 2019

Ini krim enak loh.. Lembap tp sayang harus agak ditepuk biar kering merata. Gak greasy juga kubilang. Tp ya gitu tricky whahaha. Trus ada Lavender EO jadi cukup wangi. So far ga bikin BO, cuma keganggu di bagian lama nunggu keringnya aja. Oya hasilnya semi-matte finish menurutku.



Oily, 19 - 24

15 Feb 2019

Pertama kali make ini rasanya berat banget di wajah karena belum tau klo pake dikit bgt trnyata udh rich bgt buat wajah 😂 Teksturnya thick banget. Harus bener2 bisa sesuaiin sama wajah, trs ditepuk2 biar ngeresap, kalo ga gtu rasanya wajah bakal berminyak bgt. Dan kalo ga ditepuk2 dia susah ngeresap. Aku cm pake untuk malem. itu pun jg jarang2 krn ngerasa terlalu rich untuk wajahku yg berminyak.



Combination, 19 - 24

01 Jan 2019

It's a white-beige cream packed in a pink plastic jar with a spatula. The texture is smooth and has more weight to it rather than the WC, but imo I still consider it kinda watery and feels lightweight upon application, so good. Compare to my other moisturizer, I can say this is still light eventho after several minutes of application it feels moisturizing but a bit greasy. It has a lavender scent to it which I find relaxing. It also claims to soothe and good for sensitive skin. So far it doesn't make any bad reactions or break me out. If I use it for daytime under makeup, my makeup cracks a bit after 8 hours. I find it's good for night time, you'll wake up with good, moisturized skin.



Combination, 19 - 24

20 Nov 2018

akhirnya ada juga moist yg berhasil bikin aku move on dari cosrx oil free. beda sama si waterdrop, ini gak FA friendly. ada silicone, tapi di urutan ke 15. oke gak tuh. ingredients sebelum dimethicone, ada glycerin, arbutin, adenosine, shea butter, sunflower oil, jojoba, rice bran, dll. aku pake ini sendiri tanpa sleeping mask udah oke bgt sampe pagi😭 sayang nyarinya susah, paling di althea atau ga jastip, harga kisaran 250-400k