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25 - 29

Normal, Medium Light, Warm

02 Apr 2020

aninditasj doesn't recommend this product!

Too thick for my liking. My skin felt moisturized but not hydrated which was quite a reversed effect of what i was hoping for? I have psoriasis to start with and my skin is very very dry, despite being on the richer side the lotion doesnt seem to be giving any effect on my dehydrated dry skin

Usage Period : 1 month - 3 months

Purchase Point : Ecozest



25 - 29

Combination, Medium, Neutral

04 Jul 2019

Aku lebih suka pake body lotion ini di area tangan sama kaki aja sih. Kalo menurutku dia lebih ke arah body butter sih, eh apa yaa, pokoknya sesuatu yg creamy banget. Jd agak susah buat di ratain di badan, kayak harus dipijet2 dulu gitu biar bs rata dan ga berbekas. Makanya kalo dipake dia berasa lembap banget, dan tahan lama lembap nya. Makanya cuma suka pake di tangan sama kaki aja



30 - 34

Normal, Medium Light, Cool

05 Dec 2018

yang jelass wanginyaaa seger banget ..wangi wangi citrus gtu enak deeh ... ngelembutin jugaa d kulitt karena pemakaaian rutin rasa2nya lebih meningkat tone kulit aku ... hihi apaa cuma sugesti ajah yaaa karena lembab. dan empuk kekulit



30 - 34

Combination, Medium, Warm

24 Oct 2016

<div>The texture is of a lightweight runny lotion. I do not find this very moisturizing, but it smells great. I imagine it's suitable to use for when you're at home after a hot day and want to slather on nice smelling lotion before bed - and you don't want that sticky feeling on your skin. Somehow I felt that it has a cooling effect on my skin. It's very fast absorbing and non-sticky. I feel like it moisturizes the skin upon application, but unfortunately it's not long lasting. So if your skin is on the drier side, you should skip this.<br></div><div><br></div><div>Pros: Lovely scent, Lightweight non-sticky, Absorbs quickly, Hydrating (depending on skin type), Natural Ingredients</div><div>Cons: Not hydrating enough for dryer skin type, Staying power is not long (need to re-apply), A bit pricey</div>



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