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02 Oct 2018

Got a sample of this expensive mask. It’s a green wash-off clay mask w/ sand scrub. Supposed to be natural so it contains a long list of essential oils and extracts. Active ingredientsnya lactic acid. Ditujukan utk kulit yg blemish prone. Suggested usage: leave it on for 15-20 mins, scrub w/ wet hands, rinse. Baunya gak enak banget, parah. It’s an awful au naturel smell that’s repulsive. Kalo gak penasaran sm Tata Harper, mgkn I’ll skip it just b/c of the smell. And the smell lingers bahkan setelah dibilas! I think this mask has an awful formulation for acneic skin wlpun mengandung honey dan maskernya gak mengering b/c of the way-too-long extracts + sand as scrub: 1) The mask contains sand and I’ve no clue who thinks this is a good idea krn kecil2, harsh banget, dan terasa tajam. Bahkan pas ngebilas dgn hati2 aja terasa kasar banget. Definitely not recommending the suggested application (gosok/scrub sblm bilas). 2) Has so many essential oils, so high possibility of reaction. It tingles a lot dan cukup intense. Tingles when first applied, tp memudar. Tingles lg pas dibilas. Tingles when you moisturize your skin after (probably b/c your barrier is compromised!!!) So I don’t recommend this for ppl w/ active/angry acne that are inflammed and easily irritated. Bayangin kl jerawat yg merah2 bengkak kena masker ini! For those who are clog/acne-prone but have relatively clear skin pun aku sarankan hati2. I only used very little of the product, left it on for 10 mins, skip scrubbing, dan bilas dgn sangat hati2. Setelah itu aku sangat2 takut overexfoliate jd langsung pake rich moisturizer w/ occlusive. It does give me smooth and glowy skin the next morning tp banyak bgt produk yg bisa mengantarkan hasil yg sama tanpa resiko setinggi ini utk iritasi atau overexfoliation. So I don’t think it’s worth it. Utk yg nyari masker utk jerawat, mending Origins Out of Trouble mask. Utk yg nyari clay mask yg gak mengering, mending Innisfree color masks.