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20 Jun 2021

bellmrh recommends this product!

Ingredients nya juara! Tergiur krn ingredients nya pas bgt utk yg mau chemical exfoliate berbentuk masker tapi all in one (ada kakadu plum vitC, AHA & BHA) keliatannya berat ya tp ini termasuk mild di aku yg rajin exfo. Jujur cukup berekspektasi sama hasilnya, mungkin baru keliatan kalau repurchase. Pdhl udah suka sama tingling sensation nya yg ga lebay dan cukup fresh setelah pake ini! Haven't seen much improvement but my skin started feeling more healthy and soft.

Usage Period : 1 month - 3 months

Purchase Point : Instagram


15 Jan 2021

andini_rizkya recommends this product!

I LOVE THIS MASK SO MUCH! Hands down my favorite exfo enzyme mask, it’s so goood, makes your skin instantly soft like a baby’s butt after one use?! Ingredientsnya juga sangat transparan jadi ga ada yg aneh2, tp jgn terlalu sering ya di pakenya, they recommend 2-3 times a week, i’d say 2 times a week is more than enough alr cause you dont wanna over exfoliate and damage your skin barrier :(

Usage Period : 3 months - 6 months

Purchase Point : Shopee


15 Oct 2020

hanfrz recommends this product!

definitely a must have in your "quick pick-up" lists. with the price being at this range, you can get that instant glow, make them pores appear smaller, and radiant skin at once. this guy right here needs some media hype fr. this is basically resurfacing mask packed with just nourishing goodness. papaya and pineapple enzymes as the star ingredients to dissolve the dead skin cells. not to mention kakadu plum which is by far my favorite brightening agent. comes with a pump dispenser with this kinda huge white bottle to lessen the tendency to get oxidized. worry not, it's for sure does live up to its claims without stripping out your natural oil. as for what's inside is a yellow thick gel that spreads out easily.

Usage Period : 3 months - 6 months

Purchase Point : Brand website


14 Aug 2020

RatihSwandewi recommends this product!

inii bagussssss bgttttttttt 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 canggih ni produk 😍😍😍 ini ni bisa cerahin lembabin pluss darkspot ilang astagaaa, wkt pertama kali pakai di pipi kiri ada bekas jerawat yg pernah aku pencet kmrn nya, ehh wkt pake ini sebagian dark darkspot itu ngilanggg 🥰🥰 emang semua produk frank body canggih, ga bohong 🥳 aku pake hair care sculp scrub dan hair masknya juga & frank body scrub nya🥰 ga ada yg bikin kecewa 🥳

Usage Period : 1 week - 1 month

Purchase Point : Instagram