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Combination, Medium Light, Warm, 25 - 29

22 Feb 2017

Sekilas E02 volare mirip zoeva 221. Cuman E02 sebenernya lebih tapered ujungya jadi agak kaya dome. Honestly lembutnya sama aja sih menurut aku. Tapi karna shape nya si volare E02 jadi lebih manteb nge blend transition colour and outer corner colour. In other word, manteb banget buat last blending (finishing) eye shadows. Harus punya? Hmm gk juga sih karna zoeva. Honestly, kalo pakenya buat blending crease/ transition colour dan deeper outer corner colour atau last blending, morphe E28 juga cukup. Synthetic lagi jadi lebih lembut dan gk pick up too much colour buat hasil yg airbrushed.



Combination, Medium Light, Neutral, 30 - 34

09 Feb 2016

Tried this because seen this in endi feng ig. So i bought f01 and e02. To my surprise, e02 is amazing!! Very2 soft and blend the contour on side of ny nose well.

The bristles is longer than sigma e25, im kinda not use to it at first but after a while, wow...this brush very easy to use.
I know this product kinda expensive but the quality is great so its value for the money.

Now I'm curious with f03 and e03, will buy it next month.
Btw because it's goat hair, this brush has a goat kinda smell, not to obvious actually but since i use e02 for side of my nose so i smell it :lol:. But its not that bad and probably some people won't notice, i just have a sensitive nose and i use it around nose so...hahahha



Combination, Light, Neutral, 25 - 29

24 Jan 2016

Brush ini kalau dilihat sekilas mirip kuas buatan Jepang macam Hakahudo dll. Pertama agak kaget dengan harganya, karena kalau boleh jujur, agak mahal untuk brand Indonesia.

Tapi memang kualitas brush in BAGUS banget. Super soft dan easy for blending eyeshadow. Believe it or not, abis pakai ini, pakai brush biasa (bahkan) sigma, berasa kasar.