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18 and Under

Combination, Medium Light, Neutral

07 May 2019

Melembabkan tanganku bangett ini, super duper bagus deh, jd smooth gitu tanganku, cuma jangan expect bakal wangi2 bunga2 gitu ya, ini wanginya pure kek campuran oil2 gitu, g ada wangi apa2, ga bisa dijadiin parfume handcream karena ini emang cenderung arahnya ke treatment.



19 - 24

Oily, Medium, Warm

16 Nov 2015

packagingnya imut bangett, soalnya kecil banget gitu dan bentuknya kaya pomade. jadi dia handy banget. terus super ngelembabin tangan, dan kalau aku si lebih enak dipakai pas mau tidur gitu jadi paginya tangan kita udah lembab banget.


lovely mew

30 - 34

Combination, Medium Light, Warm

26 Oct 2015

packaginya kecil,,imut,, enak dibawa kemana2..dan hand salve ini beneran bisa melembabkan kulit tangan.. lebih enak pakai malem karena greasy kan,,nah tapi paginya berasa kulit jadi halus..yg ga disuka walopun packaginya kecil dn travel friendly,,.agak ga higienis sih karena maen colek2 aja kan makenya



40 - 44

Normal, Medium, Warm

26 Sep 2015

Got this in a small tin, which part of a set. It's a travel size, which suits me perfectly. Love the herbal scent and how it moisturize my dry hand fastly- especially after doing household chores like washing the dishes! Put this into your hands, massage gently, and it feels very nice.



30 - 34

Normal, Medium Light, Warm

20 Aug 2015

Several months ago, i got a trouble with my food allergy and causing me to have a damaged hand skin. My back hand wrinkled and super dry no matter what lotion/cream/oil i use on it. There came Hand Salve by Burt Bees. I use it religiously and voila, in 3 days my hand looks a lot way better. In a week, i got it back as usual.

The tin case is cute but could be hard to open while in hurry.

It's scent could be a turn off if you dont like herbalistic scent. And it's strong enough to makes everyone near you smell it. However, i like herbalistic scent so it's fine by me.

Recommended for anyone with dry skin, allergic area, working hand with a love for herbalistic scent.