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Bliss of Joy EDP

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30 - 34

Oily, Medium Light, Neutral

13 May 2023

uteastrini recommends this product!

Yes, a warm fragrance always comforting. Bliss of Joy bisa banget bikin gue restock botol ketiga tahun ini. Tangerine, jasmine, caramel, amber dan sandalwood-nya bener - bener definisi aroma floral woody and sweetness. Not a dark scent but not bright either. Not really heavy and not so soft, it's medium. Fleksibel, bisa dipake siang ataupun malam. xoxo for the scent.

Usage Period : 6 months - 1 year

Purchase Point : Shopee



25 - 29

Combination, Light, Cool

16 Feb 2023

anastasianovita88 recommends this product!

I got this as a free sample when I purchased a full sized Bies perfume. I like Mandarin Orange perfume in general. This perfume smells sweet and fruity. I can smell caramel and a little bit of woody. Unfortunately, the intensity of this perfume is only around 3-4 hours. As for pricewise, it's not that pricey if I compare it with Luxury Brand Perfume.

BIES Bliss of Joy EDP 230216 787 1
BIES Bliss of Joy EDP 230216 36 2

Usage Period : 1 week - 1 month

Purchase Point : Sample



19 - 24

Combination, Medium Light, Neutral

21 Aug 2022

Lulupink doesn't recommend this product!

I really want to like this product. I've sniffed so many of Bi Es Perfumes and tbh, they are just not for me. This perfume opens up very heavy, sweet, caramel like but it smells weird. I normally like caramel and sweet perfume. This brand makes me contemplating my fragrance preference. I still loveee my other sweet perfumes! This perfume, big no. It dries down to a little bit muted version, though. I like the dry down better. SPL meh.

Usage Period : 1 month - 3 months

Purchase Point : XBeauty by Female Daily