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25 Dec 2019

erikadr recommends this product!

✨KEEP COOL AND SHINE MIST✨ • Hi guys! a few days ago i got a pretty package from @keepcool_global and what i got was 3 types of fixence mist these is: ✨Shine Mist ➡Brighten 💦Ocean Mist ➡Moisturize 🍃Soothe Mist ➡Calm … Thank you @keepcool_global for sending these and choosing me for your review event 🙏 • [REVIEW] . 👀 WHAT IS IT ? Keep Cool and Shine Fixence Mist is one of the variations of Keep Cool’s mist line, offering a 3-in-1 mist, setting, and serum solution in a single product! This product can be used before and after makeup • ⚠ CLAIMS √Moisture √Fix Makeup √Brightening Effect • 🔍 MAIN INGREDIENTS Pearl, Glutathione, Vitamin Complex, and Moringa Seed Oil to improve the appearance of blemishes while smoothing and revitalizing skin • 📦 PACKAGING The fixence mist comes with transparent pink box plastics with the simple design same like the bottle of the products, but it looks so girly right! I like the bottle of the fixence mist because it's perfect for traveling, the products is packaged with a bottle spray (60ml) and the bottle made from plastics and quite sturdy but still light weight.And also the spray is great when spread on my face 💦 • 💧TEXTURE/CONSISTENCY/COLOR/SCENTS The fixence mist is as a oil and water mixture,the color of this product is transparent with a very slight pink and the consistensy is very light. The scents is so fragrance for me, i think the scent like a body mist 😅 • 🙋 HOW TO USE? Shake it gently, close your eyes and spray the mist at a distance 20-30 cm from face.You can used the product before and after applied makeup • 💭 THOUGHTS Yohooo! this is my first time using fixence mist which gives a glowy effect,this mist is very lightweight and refreshing, plus it will get absorbed pretty quick. For my dry skin the face mist is really works well ✨I really love this product as a setting spray/makeup fixer, my skin feel better after using this no cracky and dullness. I highly recommend this product for those who have dull skin 🙌 • 👝 You can buy this on @stylekorean_global @kmall24_official @hicharis_official @yesstyle @credithink

Usage Period : 1 week - 1 month

Purchase Point : Brand website


26 May 2019

Dermatologoist Tested, 3in1 fixence : Make-up fixer + brightening Essence + moisturizing mist . Aku menggunakan ini sebelum, setelah makeup dan setiap aku merasa butuh pasti aku semprot face mist ini. Wanginya superrr enak banget, semprotannya merata menjangkau keseluruh wajah, dan kemasannya mudah sekali masuk ke dalam makeup pouch karena mungil. Warnanya packagingnya pun manis banget. Memang ya setiap produk Korea pasti bikin Gemes banget💙 beneran bikin wajah fresh dan terlihat cerah, masa kadaluwarsa 12 bulan setelah kemasan digunakan. Dengan bahan utama yaitu Pearl, glutathione dan vitamin complex