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Poreless Mattifying Primer

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Combination, Light, Neutral

26 May 2019

I have been using this primer for two years. This is a very nice primer in my opinion because it does mattify my skin. There have been days which I feel like my pores need a little bit of help since they tend to produce excessive amount of oil if I am outdoors for some time. Well, added by a little bit of extra sweat that surfaces sometimes that will be when THIS primer comes to my rescue! The texture is great, in my opinion. It does not get sticky even when I do not wait longer than one minute before applying a foundation and tinted moisturizer. It absorbs very quickly into my skin as well. It feels light enough but not liquidy so it is very good, indeed. My pores have been covered and smoothened after I apply and blend it into my skin (face and neck). I have only repurchased it one time but I will probably repurchase it if my skin gets a little bit oilier and needs a primer to mattify it 🖤