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19 - 24

Combination, Light, Neutral

28 Oct 2023

thrumere recommends this product!

what i would say about this product is this palette is totally worth your money! all the product is beginner friendly, pigmented, and very smooth! it cames with 2 blush, 2 finishing powder, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter, i really love this palette especially the bronzer and finishing powder! the color of the bronzer really suit my skin (fair) and omg the finishing powder!!!! is game changer to your makeup, makes my skin very smooth and glowing from within, and through out the day it became more and more natural, feels like you using filter in real life! and this is super travel friendly just take this and your base product and you ready to go! 🤭 totally recommended 👍🏼

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette imgfdn-58c963b2-028e-4b94-9b0d-83a58568089b-2492168 1

Usage Period : 1 week - 1 month

Purchase Point : Brand website



25 - 29

Combination, Medium, Warm

30 Nov 2020

Havenlybeauty recommends this product!

Well.. one of a kind must have in your vanity table! Sadly it is a limited edition face palette. I recomend you to get one of the HG face palette if you have never try any of their compact face powder before, because you can try all in one palette with cheaper price. Their product is always amazing and goes really smooth on the skin.

Usage Period : More than 1 year

Purchase Point : Sephora



40 - 44

Normal, Light, Neutral

18 Feb 2020

Bubbleshine recommends this product!

ambient lighting pertama yang kubeli dari hourglass..the bronzers are slightly too tanned for my makeup style but still its okay to brush it off on the whole face,neck and body to create tan healthy look,it has only pretty peach and easy match pink color blushers.i might keep it as my collection though

Usage Period : More than 1 year

Purchase Point : Sephora



19 - 24

Combination, Medium Light, Warm

05 Jan 2020

ayhusna recommends this product!

When it comes to hella crazy expensive makeup, i maximize the usage of it. Pertama, bukan pecinta face palette, selalu ada aja yg bikin males beli. Kedua, it's so expensive for me. Tapi kenapa beli? Karena ini semua warnanya kepake pake banget!! Bahkan untuk yg pake bronzer occasionally, aku bisa pake bronzernya buat hangout karena senatural itu 😭 blushnya bisa dipake banget, highlighternya mantul bgt tp ttp glow from within (i didn't expect that!!), finishing powdernya gila sih bikin smooth+glowing. Packagingnya cantik (walaupun yg versi 2018nya lebih cantik) and it worth my money😭 gilasih skrg kemana2 cuma bawa ini udah selesai gausah repot2... cinta bgt bgt

Usage Period : 1 week - 1 month

Purchase Point : Instagram



19 - 24

Combination, Medium, Neutral

12 Oct 2019

graziellavds recommends this product!

Hourglass products cost a bomb and for years I thought they were all hype and no quality. Turns out I was wrong. Bit the bullet when I bought this palette (Holiday 2018 collection) and a year later, it’s still my most used face palette. I abuse it on the daily because I can do my whole face with just one palette. Quality is superb - finely milled, not cakey and applies like a dream. The lighting powders are like filters for your face, bronzer gives a healthy sheen and the blushes gives you a glowy, flushed look without being too much. Highlighter is good once you make it past the glittery layer on top. These powders also work on bare face or full face of make up. Absolutely no regrets splurging on this palette.

Usage Period : 6 months - 1 year

Purchase Point : Shopee



19 - 24

Combination, Medium Light, Neutral

14 Aug 2019

I was really hyped about this palette because many people had said great things about Hourglass products. And the palette comes with different uses which I thought would be worth the price. So far, the powders work great for my complexion, bronzer is kind of a bit shimmery, blushes are bomb, and the highlighter works like Lightning McQueen's ka-chi-ka. I love the palette, but the highlighter is too much for oily skin and the price for a palette is too expensive.