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Full Lash Bloom Mascara

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19 - 24

Combination, Medium, Warm

17 Sep 2022

gyozas recommends this product!

the only mascara that works for me. holds my curled lashes so well — slept in it once and it stayed freshly curled the next morning. non clumpy, light&dry formula, doesn’t smudge AT ALL. separates lashes pretty well. if u have thin, straight lashes like mine, you’ll likely love this. though it does lengthen, it won’t give you dramatic volume so keep that in mind.

Usage Period : More than 1 year

Purchase Point : Coles



19 - 24

Combination, Medium, Neutral

21 Nov 2018

Mascara ini cocok banget buat kalo mau enhance your natural lashes aja, tapi gak volumizing dan gak terlalu lengthening. What I like about this mascara is that it doesn’t clump dan nahan curls jadi gak bikin lashes jadi turun. It’s perfect for an everyday look jadi menurut aku emang bukan tipe mascara yang untuk bikin bulu mata cetar banget but it does its job kok.



25 - 29

Combination, Medium Light, Neutral

23 Apr 2018

This mascara is okay but nof for non dramatic looks. You can build many coats without it flaking or clumping which is nice. Since it's so light it holds a curl well. It doesn't really help with volume and the length it gives is moderate. The brush is kinda weird, the spikes are sparsely spaced so I feel like it's not catching as many of the lashes I want. I got the color deep blue but the color was more like a blue tinged ash grey. It looked soft black on my black lashes.



19 - 24

Normal, Medium Light, Neutral

26 Mar 2018

dikasih sama temen ini mskipun kondisinya ud stgh pake wkwkwk. sejauh ini ga prnh kecewa sama produk ini sih tp jg ga wow wow bgt. tahan lama dan ga gitu ngegumpal. pengen cari produk mascara lain yg pny efek lbh dramatic sih hehe