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Cocoa Mirage

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Oily, Light, Warm, 19 - 24

07 Feb 2019

Eyeshadow matte (mostly) dengan pigmentasi tersadis! shinmernya juga chakeeeup dan pigmented parah. Kualitas top notch banget. Bener-bener kalo abis pake ini, pake eyeshadow yg lain kebanting shay. Pilihan warna di quad ini sangat-sangat pasaran, bahkan cenderung membosankan. Tapi truly a daily necessities, bener2 warna yg kepake terus-terusan (yhaaa ini jg karena aku org yg sangat membosankan 😅). The best eyeshadow everrrrr ♥️



Dry, Medium Light, Neutral, 25 - 29

27 May 2018

Palette mahal tapi kualitasnya nggak mengecewakan. Formulanya sangat baik, no fall out babe! Ukurannya yang mungil jadi bisa dibawa traveling. Ringkas banget nggak perlu di blend dengan ina itu, cukup swatch pakai jari lalu di tap-tap ke eyelid. Taraa.. jadi deh, eyelook awet seharian.



Combination, Medium Light, Warm, 25 - 29

19 Feb 2017

Warnanya sih dupable banget. Bisa beli wet n wild or loreal or colourpop kalo cuman suka warnanya. Packaging sih manteb slick n elegant plus ada magnet bagus jadi berasa automatic gt nutupnya. Formula sih jempolan yah gk powdery tapi ngeblend like a dream. Biar pake jari sekalipun di jamin kaya abis di pakein eyeshadow ama makeup artist. Tinggal follow instruction nya aja voila! Insta worthy eyeshadow combo. Jadi cuco bngt buat tante tante banyak duit tapi bingung nge combine eyeshadow or rada ribet nge blend eyeshadow. Tapi honestly dengan harganya segitu dan formula yg gt masih ada option lain yg lebih value for money contoh viseart palette bisa dapet 12 eyeshadows dengan harga $2 lebih murah cuman packaging gk se fancy tom ford tapi kualitas gk kalah (made in france)



Normal, Medium Light, Neutral, 25 - 29

24 Sep 2015

pallete kecil dan muahal. tapi sebanding sama kualitas nya juara. no 1 deh diantara merk eyeshaddow lainnya. teksturnya suka banget. super buttery gt. blend nya gampang bgt. suitable for daily look. cocok buat dibawa bawa juga. ada aplikatornya lumayan kalo lagi kepepet. tanpa eyeprimer si eyeshaddow nya tetep keceh berat seharian. minusnya cuma harga gak ramah di dompet



Oily, Light, Warm, 25 - 29

20 Sep 2015

Palette paling mahal yg perna kubeli..warnanya natural banget..suka buat bisa pakai warna2 gelapnya untuk acara2 special..eyeshadownya soft banget, buttery and soo love love..terasa banget high end high quality product..
Yg bikin amaze adalah warnanya stay on hilang pdhl mataku oily banget..



Oily, Medium, Neutral, 25 - 29

19 Aug 2015

Where do I start to explain on how much I love this quad? Are you looking for pigmentation? longevity? blends like a smooth buttery ice cream? then don't go anywhere because Tom Ford Quad in Cocoa Mirage gave you all of these.

This quad stand out the most among others not because the colour combination of course as most people will find it boring but because they have 3 matte eyeshadow and 1 shimmer. You can go on very neutral look to brown smokey eyes with this quad. Literally one quad for day to night!

As I said before the formula it top notch! The pigment is so soft, silky and buttery you wont need extra energy to get the colour as the lightest of brush stroke will pick up a lot of product.

Packaging wise as much as I love how luxurious it looks, they still not perfect as when you touch them you will get your hand print to it, not that bad though but sometimes kinda annoying for me.

Yes it is very pricey, I just check now the price is USD 80 with new USD exchange I wonder how much it would be, but believe me you get what you paid for and if you really want to count by grams and breakdown the cost then this quad is MAC eyeshadow.

Do I recommend this? 100% sure. If you love luxury brand with high quality then Tom Ford is for you

PS: I use this quad literally every single time I put my make up on. one shadow already hit the pan! So scary as I probably need to repurchase



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