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Kiss Me

Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow and Nose Shadow

02 Natural Brown

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25 - 29

Oily, Medium Dark, Warm

10 Feb 2016

This eyebrow powder contains three shades, two of the lighter shades are shimmery and the darkest one is matte. Don't really know why the light brown has shimmer in it. They're cool-toned so they work alright with my dark brows.

The angled brow brush end is quite soft so it makes it easy to frame the brows, though it is very short so it's kind of awkward if you're used to regular brush. The blending brush end is so-so, nothing special but nothing terrible either.

The pigmentation of the light and dark brown are nice, subtle enough for the brows to look natural, though the highlight shade either looks like it's void of any color except for the shimmer or just ashy on my tan skin. The texture is good, easy to blend and the fallout is minimal.

Unfortunately it's not smudgeproof and waterproof. The staying power is also not great. Maybe it works better on dry skin, who knows. It just doesn't last long on my oily skin and that's a bummer.