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Divine Eye Balm

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Normal, 25 - 29

21 Mar 2021

sequinjoan recommends this product!

Satu dari sekian banyak eye treatment terbaik yang pernah kucoba. Terasa melembapkan area bawah mata dalam 7 hari pakai, jauh banget berkurang area hitamnya di sudut mata. Packagingnya mungil dilengkapi sendok buat ngambilnya, hygiene banget. Suka banget produk ini, sayangnya mahal :(

Usage Period : 6 months - 1 year

Purchase Point : Official Brand Store



Dry, 19 - 24

12 Sep 2020

afraaae recommends this product!

Beli ini yg travel size tp worth it banget karena kemasannya juga sama2 dari kaca kaya yg full size. Enak banget pake ini, mendehidrasi area mata, trus aku notice bruntusan dekat mata aku hilang, kantung mata juga berkurang, dark circle udah ga keliatan, dan cepet banget nyerapnya. Menurut aku ukuran travel size pas banget isinya buat dipake 6 bulan. Rekomen sih ini untuk beli yg travel size 😅 aku juga mungkin bakal repurchase yg travel size. Karena full sizenya ga sesuai budgetku.

Usage Period : 3 months - 6 months

Purchase Point : Carousell



Oily, 19 - 24

10 Jul 2019

I never believed in eye cream, eye serum, and such. I mean its good to add in your beauty routine, but I don’t think it’s that necessary or a must have. Until one day when I shopped at my local L’Occitane, they gave me a sample of this eye cream. And Whoaaaa I was shocked! This eye balm has a really buttery texture, feels quite rich, but doesn’t give me millia. My undereye felt super smooth, my concealer went on very smoothly yet no creases. I didn’t know that my undereye was that dehydrated 😂 Somehow I feel like my fine lines is now has dissapeared? I don’t know why and how. FYI I did wear an eye cream, it was the kiehl’s the blue one, but it didn’t do anything I guess. I thought eye cream was some sort of an investment to my skin that I could benefit in the future but dang I was wrong. And I just immediately bought this the next day, and never regret the high price tag. It is worth it!!