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Eudermine Revitalizing Essence

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35 - 39

Dry, Medium Dark, Cool

12 Aug 2016

I don't understand why this isn't available here! It's a classic product from Shiseido! And it looks so pretty on anyone's vanity table. You just want to look at it all day.
Anyway, packaging aside, produk ini memang termasuk mahal. Apalagi tergantung kurs dan harga beli di negara mana karena di Indonesia tidak ada. Tapi kalau kulit lagi butuh nutrisi dan hidrasi yang nendang, bisa banget pakai ini. Karena produk ini benar-benar memberikan hidrasi seharian dan enak banget wanginya dan dipakainya tidak lengket. Pakainya dengan kapas dan di pat-pat sampai produknya menyerap. Terus produk-produk yang dipakai sesudahnya pun menyerap dengan baik.
Kalau kulit lagi sensitif ini soothing dan hydrating banget.
Hydration-wise, this is comparable to Sum37 Waterfull toner and Menard Lisciare.



35 - 39

Combination, Medium, Warm

08 Aug 2016

first of all...i love the packaging..eccentric, eclectic, so very much fancy. than i opened the bottle and i fall in love with the scents. It smells sooo goodd. and i applied it to my face and it feels gentle..with all this scents on your face, you definitely will feel calmer and relaxed..i wish the scent would linger more ahahha . It does good to my face. When i bought this though, i got lots of free sample from Shiseido Haku (which was just launched there in japan - a few months ago-) and that haku..feels way better on the skin than this tho..but doesnt smell as good unfortunately..would i repurchase this? i guess not..ill find other products :)