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Eula Skin Cocktail

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19 - 24

Oily, Medium Light, Neutral

13 Sep 2023

rizkaardina recommends this product!

aaaa i dont expect to love this as much tapi i really do love it! the 100ml glass packaging is just too sleek and beautifuk on your vanity. Dia cepet banget nyerapnya dimuka dan enak banget untuk di layer berkali kali, makin terasa plump mukanya! Upon using it juga berasa banget skin barrier makin bener, and setelah pake ini berturut2 gitu i feel like my skin feels a lot better, my pores are more clean and healthy and less clogged, muka juga perlahan berasa lebih ga berminyak aja karena emang udh well hydrated dari dalem gitu. also baunya jugaaaaa aaaa aku suka banget baunya kayak bau-bau spa mahal gt loh, i cannot get enough of it! It has been such a pleasant product to use sih! I approve! Also the pretty pretty packaging is also one of the reason to get this HAHA

Usage Period : 3 months - 6 months

Purchase Point : Shopee