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Pore Refining Toner

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20 Apr 2018

first time i used this, do not really like with the smell and seems containing strong alcohol but after applied on my face, it seems around 90% works to my face esp for clean up makeup recidue and tons of oil or sebum on my skin.. actually its my routine to use toner twice a day in the morning and before go to bed but after more than 1 month i just... Read More

22 Sep 2017

Sebenernya kemarin2 udah pake cosrx yg pimple pad itu.. Tapi ternyata kurang cocok krn malah jadi breakout. Akhirnya inget2 dulu pas masih pake obat dokter (ini ceritanya cari2 toner biar ga pake dokter lagi), inget banget tonernya alkoholnya kuat banget baunya. Akhirnya cari2 lah toner yg bau alkoholnya rada nyengat dan mirip2 (aku asumsi karena p... Read More


25 - 29

18 Apr 2017

Waktu kulit gue sukses dengan Neutrogena Acne Facial Wash, gue tertarik sama produk yang lain. Pilihan gue ke produk ini karena claim Pore refining. Dipakai sbg toner, cukup okay dan no breakout di gue. Kayanya produk Neutrogena ga pernah buat gue breakout deh. Tapi memang tidak menunjukkan hasil apa pun sih. Jadi gue berpaling ke toner lain.


25 - 29

24 Oct 2015

It has the same consistency as water and I can smell strong alcohol. I didn't feel a burning sensation, it's refreshing. I feel that my skin is fresh and clean. Oil in my T zone is reduced without feeling tight or dry. I love my skin feeling which is fresher and kind of I can put any layer in my skin after that. After I've used almost 3 months, I ... Read More


25 - 29

29 Sep 2015

I'm using this as daily basis. This toner gives a slightly cool feeling when you apply to your face. It claims to reduce the pores appearances and even skin toned. Well for me, it does a very good job only in even skin toned, as for the pores appearance, hmm.. not really that obviously, but slightly reduce only. So far I haven't find other toner th... Read More