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Ultra-Calming Hydrating Gel Facial Cleanser

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25 - 29

Oily, Light, Warm

30 Jun 2019

jjjfren recommends this product!

I love the texture of this gel cleanser. It has the balance of grip and slip that I like. Gel cleanser ini gak runny atau terlalu encer spt kebanyakan gel cleansers dr drugstore. The density of the gel makes this product feels more luxurious than its tag price. Ketika diaplikasikan ke muka jg lembut banget, but it cleanses effectively! Bisa angkat makeup tipis spt sunscreen, bedak for those mager days.

It’s a no fuss cleanser, no big claims. Gentle enough for dry and cold season, or when my skin barrier feels compromised. Gak bikin kulit kering atau ketarik. Sedikit butuh waktu ngebilasnya krn licin, tp it leaves skin so supple and hydrated, I’m not complaining. Clear gel, no fragrance. Gak berbusa, cm berbuih kalo dicampur dan digosok dgn air. Can be applied on dry skin or wet skin, I like both ways!

Usage Period : 3 months - 6 months

Purchase Point : CVS