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Normal, Light, Warm, 19 - 24

20 Jan 2016

This product was okay and just fine. The cream texture was not sticky. In fact it is easy to apply and the pigmentation was very good. The downside is i dont like the packaging. But overall it is a good product to give it a try.



Combination, Light, Warm, 25 - 29

16 Oct 2015

Ini cream contour favorit aku.
Warna light greyish brown. Cocok banget di skintone aku yang NC15-20.
Mudah diblend sehingga terlihat natural.
Tidak perlu diset dengan powder contour, karena tahan lama seharian.
Tekturnya thick tapi tidak dry jadi mudah saat dipakai.



Combination, Light, Cool, 25 - 29

08 Sep 2015

To begin with, I have chubby cheeks, so I've decided that it was my lucky day the first time I got to know there is a thing in this world called contouring. Up until I purchased Illamasqua Hollow, I always used powder to contour which is great and I am still using my contour powders / bronzers till now. But cream contouring is just another different level.
Illamasqua Cream Pigment is actually an allrounder cream product that you can use as base-blush-contour-cream eyeshadow-etc etc. But the shade Hollow is famous for being a great contour shade due to its greyish-ashy shade that works very well to add dimension into the face.

I bought Hollow on a whim but I am glad I did because I love it! Hollow is a taupe shade which luckily doesn't appear too ashy on my face. The grey hint is perfectly dosed so it doesn't look muddy. I am NC 15-20 and Hollow is a perfect shade to contour my face, but I don't think it will work for people with complexion deeper than NC 30 because it is relatively pale.

What I like the most from Hollow is that how subtle it is. It won't make your make up looking too 'done'. The texture is rather stiff ( imagine a cake foundation ) but it is quite easy to blend. I use beauty blender to blend but contour brush will work just fine. Nikki from NikkisTutorial on youtube once said that she loves Hollow's rather stiff texture because it is what makes Hollow stands out. It doesn't smudge nor crease and it stays on like nobody's business which is maybe won't happen if Hollow is creamy dreamy emollient.

Aside from contouring, I also occasionally use Hollow as eye shadow base / cream eye shadow. In my opinion , it def works better than MAC Paint Pots. It doesn't crease-smudge or migrate but it doesn't blend as easy as the Paint Pots due to its stiffer consistency.
Don't worry if you don't really like the idea of contour, because Hollow does not only contour, it also gives dimension to the face. Combined with a good bronzer, it will give your face a healthy color especially if you're pale like me.

Overall, I don't regret my Hollow purchase as it is such a versatile product. If you are a pro MUA, this would be a staple in your kit. And for regular beauty junkie like I am , this one could also be a staple especially if you contour your face on daily basis.

What is your HG contour product?



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