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08 Sep 2015

I've been wanting to try Addiction by Ayako cheek since the first time I saw it on Kate's blog. But, since the brand is difficult to get if you live outside Japan, I just put it aside and didn't think much about it. Until during my stay in Jakarta, I've seen many local beauty stores stock Addiction by Ayako, of course I didn't miss the chance and ordered 2 shades at once ( thanks to the lovely @pablohoney from TheFruitCompote, you convinced me to finally order these gems! ).

It was not easy to decide which shades to get as there are not a lot of swatches on the internet. After some consideration, I opted for Revenge and Rose Bar. And I'm glad I opted for them as I am freakin' in love with them both xD

Revenge is a muted coral shade. I imagined it to be redder but actually happier to see it less red. The shade is bright but muted enough to make it daily appropriate. It is the kind of coral that helps brighten up the complexion. I usually despise bright coral on the lips because they tend to make my complexion appear rather dull and ashy. But, this one is fortunately not.

Rose Bar is very very pretty nude shade. It is a soft pinkish nude that doesn't wash out my complexion. I just LOVE it. I initially didn't expect it to look good on the lips, I just wanted a pinkish nude shade for the cheeks to achieve softer look, but it actually looks really nice on the lips too! My mom loves it when I wear Rose Bar on the lips. She told me I look less 'angry and b*tchy' and younger, haha! ( My mom hates it when I wear red lipsticks, she always says I look older and less approachable. LOL ).

Speaking of the formula, they're both creamy but not slippery. They blend smoothly and don't apply patchy. I usually dot 3 little dots on the cheeks and blend it using beauty blender ( fingers work too, esp for touch up ). They have cream to powdery texture and set into matte finish with no sheen. I personally prefer matte blushes anyway so this is just great. The staying power on the cheeks is great. I got 6-7 hour wear before they start to fade gradually. But, since it's compact and cute, I don't mind reapplying anyway.

As lipstick, they feel like creamy matte lipstick, reminds me of the Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipstick, only slightly more silicon-ey. They glide on effortlessly and don't set into the lip lines. They're also not drying on the lips. But, don't expect longevity as they're quite creamy. They do stain the lips though esp Revenge. But it stains the lips evenly so it looks rather pretty.

Addiction by Ayako Cheek Sticks come in a lipstick packaging. They look just like a regular lipstick, they feel like one too. They're housed in black rectangular lipstick bullet with pink retractable bottom. I like the sleek and simple packaging yet still a bit playful with the bright pink accent. The packaging is well made and doesn't look cheap or flimsy. Oh and I don't notice any scent, so it's safe if you got sensitive nose.

Overall, I am so glad I have them in my collection. I love love love them!!

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