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40 - 44

Normal, Light, Neutral

13 Feb 2021

Bubbleshine recommends this product!

its a beautiful blush on and the colour is so wearable but i dunno why i'm not impressed with this.i bought this,tried once or twice and its forgotten in my drawer.but if you like "no makeup" style,its for you😉😉 the price is slightly expensive and its quite fragile so its VERY unfriendly for travel (semua palette CT gampang pecah)

Usage Period : 3 months - 6 months

Purchase Point : Sephora Online



25 - 29

Oily, Light, Warm

21 May 2020

shierlywijaya recommends this product!

Ini juga gila sih!! Bagus bngt! Setiap mau pake blush, pasti selalu cari nya ini. Setiap ngaca gatau kenapa seneng aja gitu hasilnya nice di pipi, mulus gitu. Kayak seakan2 emang glowing dan merona sehat. Pas pakai, aku ga gt tap banyak di kuasnya krna cukup pigmented. Jd pakainya tipis2 dl tar tggl di tambahin lg kalo kurang. Luv bngt ini blush!

Usage Period : More than 1 year

Purchase Point : Online Shop



25 - 29

Combination, Light, Neutral

02 Apr 2020

finnaass recommends this product!

Jadi emang lagi cari blush on yang uwu gitu terus tiba2 liat ini seketika langsung comot tanpa liat review dll tanpa nyoba juga kek udah percaya aja gitu wkwkw dan ternyata emang sebagus itu dan warnanya super cantik gak bikin kulit keliatan kusem , merona nya juga pas gak lebay, kayanya yang buka pecinta blush on panas dingin pasti suka shade ini🤗 udah gitu packaging nya enteng bgt dan tipis bgt gak nebel2 in makeup pouch aku dan ini jadi blush on harian ku yang aku bawa kemana2 wkwkw

Usage Period : 3 months - 6 months

Purchase Point : Sephora



25 - 29

Combination, Light, Neutral

10 Jul 2019

My auntie gifted this blush to me for the first time six years ago. It was an amazing moment to me. I loved Love Glow very much then. It emptied three months later. In November last year, I was visiting my auntie in NYC with my sister. Both of us purchased Charlotte Tilburry's Cheek to Chic in the shade Love Glow. I purchased one for my auntie, too. Love Glow emptied in the beginning of February 2019. A month later, in the beginning of March, I flew to NYC again. I had a family event at that time. When I woke up from taking a nap at 2.30 pm on a rather cold Sunday, I remembered about Love Glow. I went online on to purchase it. Five minutes later, I decided to purchase it for $40 (+ $20 for One Day shipping delivery). It arrived two days later. I flew back here two days after I received this blush. I started wearing this blush on the next day after I landed here. It was just as amazing as I remembered having it on, back in November 2018 to February 2019. I have had beautiful moments of wearing this blush. It emptied in the first week of June, last month. Two weeks later, which was three weeks ago, my auntie visited me here. She brought and gave this Charlotte Tilbury's Cheek to Chic Love Glow blush to me. What a surprise! I was incredibly happy and grateful that she did. I started wearing it two weeks ago, or one week after she brought it to me. It is a very nicely pigmented powder blush. It does stay on my cheeks for five to six hours with no touchups. Love Glow is a really beautiful and wearable shade in my opinion. I have worn it to a few formal events and it looked very flattering on my skin. I wear it on a daily basis when doing my activities for sure. Love Glow adds freshness to my face so that I look great in every moment. Based on my beautiful experience for over six years now, I am going to repurchase Charlotte Tilbury's Love Glow without a doubt 💗



30 - 34

Combination, Light, Warm

05 Apr 2019

Menurutku kalau yang ga suka warna natural sunburn di wajah dan subtle, cocok sama ini karena warna nya nice banget dan cocok sama kulit Asia, aku recommend ini buat yang suka Nars Orgasm, ini bisa jadi one of the top my favorite blush on buat no makeup makeup look



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