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5:50 AM . 21 Oct 16

Hair is some kind of weapon to me, hehe. Sounds hyperbolic, no? If my hair looks great, I don't need too much effort to do the rest to keep my performance stands out. 
Therefore, I need to add my hair vanity with something which is not only nice but also beneficial and advantageous. 
I spotted hair serum on my mind, I was gonna need THE hair serum. I'd found there were lots of brands which brings hair serum product. First thing to be considered was the great benefit for hair, then would be followed by its consistency, and the subtle comfort scent. 
I ran to some drugstores, but some of hair serum they carried on wasn't satisfied me. Either I didn't like the scent or its consistency. The hunting was still on back then, I kept looking the most suitable for me. Down walked TSM lane, I was fascinated by L'occitane stall, i could smell some wonderful scent while I passed by. I love how they organize the shelf and harmonize green color as a dominant created a whole package I couldn't deny not to come inside. The Beauty Assistant was very helpful, she introduced me to 2 hair products which hardly to resist. They were hair fragrance and hair oil. I'd wanted to have them both, if I have my budget covered. Hehe. Limited budget helped me easier to pick one of them. I preferred Aromachologie Repairing Hair Oil than hair fragrance. It's lightweight, easily absorbed, and smells so divine. I practically engorged to buy it. 
Well, it really does what it's written in the bottle. It softens and tames flyaways, helps protect against sun damage. It also deeply nourishes hair. I usually apply this focusing on my hair tips. I use this almost everyday, after shampooing and daily routine before brushing my hair. It's not greasy at all, and just need a very gently pump to release the oil, a little goes a long way. The ingredients filled with 5 essential oils, ylang-ylang, sweet orange, lavender, geranium, and angelica, offered the benefit and the great scent. How come I didn't engaged to this??I don't have any trouble with silicone inside it, so I will purchase this once I've finished it.
It's said that we can also use before the shampoo, but I've never done this at all, and I never will, since the price is not cheap for me.  It's been 4 months and not even half size yet emptied. I guess, I can use this for more 4 months. 

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L'Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Hair Oil


1 year ago






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Transform your hair from dry to damaged to strong and shiny.
Can be used in 3 ways:
- before the shampoo, to help nourish and soften hair
- before blow-drying, to help detangle and protect from the heat,
- on dry hair, to soften, tame flyaways, and help protect against sun damage

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