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12:16 PM . 22 Nov 15

I love this gel a lot. It is expensive, 700K for the full size one. I only have the tiny sample size from lola box 2 years ago. you suppose to put this gel on your scalp and hair, and it will make your scalp and hair healthy. When i use it on my hair, it give me a shine that I love, tame my baby hair, and my hair feel so soft and amazing. You can purchase this item in one piece hair studio or online.

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Tansan Magic Sparkling Geele


2 years ago






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This excellent hydration gel is specifically for the scalp and hair. The effective ingredients from the Sparkling Gelee ease the day to day manageability of your hair and rediscover its original luster.
The major ingredient of this gel is the presence of only H2O and Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a scientifically proven substance which can miraculously keep the scalp and hair hydrated from within. It nourishes and hydrates the deep layers of the scalp which results in a healthy lustrous hair and a moisturised scalp
Eliminates dry scalp and hair woes
Protects the hair from having direct contact with harmful UV rays
Creates luster and glow on their hair
Usage guide:
Pump a sufficient amount and apply onto scalp and hair
Massage onto scalp as well as apply on the surface of the hair to experience the luster
Leave the Gelee on scalp or hair with no further washing needed
Continue this steps daily one before bedtime

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