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8:15 AM . 01 Nov 17

To The point : efek cooling nya enak sih (rata-rata tonic), kemasan jg suka bgt krn dgn pump tp aku kurang suka krn setelah pake rambut aku jadi berketombe bgt krn efek yg di tinggali oleh si tonic ini

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8:57 PM . 31 Dec 16

Tonic ini lumayan bagus dan ngefek sih (dipake barengan shampoo dan treatment lasernya) buat ngatasin rontokku walau masih belum memuaskan. Tapi entah kenapa semenjak pake ini atau semenjak treatment hairgrow di Erha, banyak baby hair tumbuh di pinggir kiri-kanan jidat. Aku sadarnya semenjak berjilbab, karna berjilbab jadi aku lebih jelas liat perbedaannya dan emang bener jidatku jadi lebih banyak bulu/baby hair nya. Good/not so good news sih buatku. Bagusnya mungkin aja itu tanda produknya emang bagus buat numbuhin rambut bekas rontok. Ga sukanya, karna pinggiran jidat banyak rambut jadi kurang pede aja tiap pake jilbab di awal2, sekarang sih udah cuek aja

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4:19 PM . 29 Oct 16

Long years ago, I've tried some hair tonics from few different brands. I had experienced a hair fall due to pregnancy, childbirth and nursery. So, I thought it was a must-have item to grow back my hair. Unfortunately, I was unhappy with the result. Not even single brand could satisfy me. It did nothing but unnecessary wastes of money. Miraculously, after I've ditched it, my hair fall was totally going. So, bye bye hair tonic.
Sadly, earlier this year, I was having a hair fall again. I was worried too much hence I went to Erha, which I've been using its skin care and I knew already about its capability to overcome hair problem. The doctor I met has prescribed me a series of hair loss products which consisted of Erhair Hair Grow Shampoo, Erhair Restoring Hair Moisturizer, and Erhair Anti Hair Loss Tonic. Back then, I was hesitant to use the hair tonic, but since it was suggested by a doctor who has a certain expertise, I convinced myself to use it obediently as my doctor advised. 
Erhair Anti Hair Loss Tonic contains kopexil, ginseng extract and abundant of vitamins, minerals, and amino acid, which beneficial for nourishing scalp and hair.  Its packaging is very good. It's easy to spritz onto scalp and I can measure the amount that I'm gonna need. I use it after washing my hair, in a damp condition. Usually, I only need 5 pulled-spritz to cover my entire scalp. Then, I will gently massage for minutes. Unlike the hair tonic I've used years ago, it doesn't leave a greasy and weightful on my head. On the contrary, with its light and aqueous, I barely feel anything once I've applied it. My scalp feels so cool refreshed afterward. It smells slightly like other common chemical hair tonics scent which I don't like much, but thank God the smell will disappear in minutes later. 
Now, hair fall is no longer my issue I need to struggle. I can see my hair grows into my hairline and become thicker day after day. I can't give credit only to Erhair hair tonic since I know that the goal-achieved is a result of the combination of my hair care regimen, which includes pre-poo oil treatment, aloe vera hair pack and an Erhair Hair Loss series. In fact, through observation and hunch, the oil and aloe vera are the things that contribute the most to my healthy hair. 
I've been using 2 60 ml-bottles of it for about 6 months. With IDR 150000 a bottle, it wouldn't hurt my pocket. But I intend to not to buy it again since it has no leverage to be considered as a Holy Grail. 
By my own experiences, I conclude that hair tonic can't do its best to promote a direct healthy hair. It's meant only to lubricate dry scalp so I can do more enjoyable and invigorating a scalp massage. 

3 User's Overall rating

Erha  Erhair Anti Hair Loss Tonic


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Pada awalnya Erha hanyalah sebuah klinik kecantikan yang didirikan oleh dr. Ronny Handoko, SpKK (K) pada 28 September 1999. Lalu, Erha berinovasi dengan mendirikan Erha Apothecary pada tahun 2009 agar masyarakat dapat membeli produk Erha secara bebas. Produk Erha terdiri dari produk perawatan lengkap untuk wajah, rambut, dan tubuh untuk laki dan perempuan dalam segala usia. Semua produk Erha terbukti aman dan telah melalui uji klinis.

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