Soleil Protexion Plus Anti-Brown Spot Fluid with SPF 50 Plus



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2:40 PM . 18 Aug 16

This the first suncreen I ever have. Dulu jaman jaman SMA selalu pakai ini karena saat itu bb  cream belum booming.I cant fathom it, this product have great quality, but in other hand it's quite price, but price never lies.The one who recommended this product is my mother, I know you can't doubt the quality but when I was a senior high students this product's price makes my jaw drop seriously. Unfortunately, this brand is discontinue in Indonesia.

5 User's Overall rating


11:37 PM . 17 Feb 16

Pernah pakai produk ini, awalnya karena direkomendasikan sama dokter kulit beberapa tahun yang lalu. So far cocok di kulit saya yang kebetulan memang ada dark spots-nya. Krim ini mengandung spf 50 jadi bagus buat yang sering outdoor activity. Tapi sayangnya sekarang sulit mencari produk RoC. Mohon info kalau ada yang tahu di dept. store atau di apotik mana produk ini bisa diperoleh. Trims.

4 User's Overall rating


5:43 AM . 04 Dec 15

My favorite sunscreen!!! Teh texture is watery, easily absorb to skin an i love the glowing effect after using this suncscreen.<br />
<br />
It never break my skin out, very light and not makes my face oily. I love this sunscreen so much.

And i realize that my new dark spots fade slowly after using this.

5 User's Overall rating


1:21 PM . 09 Nov 15

This Roc product is easy to apply, no pilling, not matte - but a natural finish. Definitely not greasy. I don't need a moisturizer with this. Have used around the eye area. I can apply makeup on top. Nice to try

4 User's Overall rating


1:44 PM . 08 Nov 15

Favourite sunblock! Tekstur creamy tebel, gak bisa langsung nyerap, agak whitecast pas pertama apply, tapu setelah nyerap jadi base yg oke bgt buat make up, bedak lebih nempel smooth. Too bad skrg susah banget dicari, krn katanya roc uda keluar dari indo

2 User's Overall rating

RoC Soleil Protexion Plus Anti-Brown Spot Fluid with SPF 50 Plus


2 years ago






Package Quality




RoC Soleil Protexion Plus Anti-Brown Spot Fluid with SPF 50 Plus merupakan pelembab untuk wajah agar melindungi kulit dari bahaya sinar matahari. Produk ini tidak lengket dan berminyak sehingga aman untuk digunakan.

How to Use:
Aplikasikan produk ini pada wajah hingga merata pada wajah dan leher.

Suitable for:
Semua jenis kulit.


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