(2 reviews)
Thickening Hairspray
Bumble and Bumble
Rp. 375.000
2 Reviews
Wavy, Thick, 25 - 29
16 Nov 2015

aku pake hairspray ini sebelum ngeringin rambut, hasilnya lumayan membantu sih rambut tampak lebih tebal dan bervolume gitu tapi tetep natural.<br /> agak lengket di rambut sebenernya, tapi ga parah sih still tolerable. Wanginya lumayan, gak mengganggu.<br /> love it! worth to try<br /> don't know will repurchase or not karena males belinya harus P...

Wavy, Thick, 25 - 29
02 Feb 2014

I use this spray when my hair still damp. Spray on the roots and brush your hair using comb to even out the product. Usually I need around 1 hour just to blow dry my hair, but this product help me finish the whole process more quickly. It adds volume and protect my hair from heat.

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