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9:48 PM . 14 Nov 16

As expected from its name, produk Living Proof satu ini bener-bener bisa extend style rambut kamu. Setelah keramas, keringkan rambut sampai dengan setengah kering, lalu pakaikan prime style extender dan sisir, lanjut keringkan rambut dan silahkan di-style (catok, keriting, bahkan pakai jepitan badai), untuk tipe rambutku (lurus dan tebal) tahan kurang lebih 2 hari sampai hari keramas, jadi totally worth it.

5 User's Overall rating


9:59 PM . 28 Sep 15

Totally love this product!
It smells amazing! Very easy to work in. Not greasy. And actually does hold your hair style for at least two days. Well I wash my hair every other day, so I never see how it holds up after three to four days. It is a pricey product, but totally worth the spend in my opinion.

5 User's Overall rating

Living Proof Prime Style Extender


2 years ago






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Prime Style Extender, powered by Living Proof’s “miracle molecule,” OFPMA, protects and extends the life of your style twice as long, saving you time, day after day. It weightlessly perfects strands while smoothing and correcting hair texture. Prime detangles, corrects cuticle texture, and is so perfecting it can be worn alone, yet so weightless it can be layered under your favorite styler. Save time and forget the touch-ups.

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