(2 reviews)
Silk Groom Serum
Rp. 330.000
2 Reviews
Wavy, Normal, 18 and Under
07 Jan 2018

aku suka ini karena texture nya ringan banget trus nggak lengket lagi. awalnya sih aku nggak berasa ada perubahan, tapi mama aku kasih tau aku klo rambut aku jadi licin sehat gitu (sambil megang rambut aku).

Wavy, Thick, 30 - 34
18 Dec 2015

I love kiehls and i my hair products is almost all come from this brand. This serum is expensive but worth the price.<br /> I've tried a lot of silk protein hair products over the last year and this is for ndsure one of the best. My hair feels stronger and it's now much shinier. For a high end hair serum, this is a must try. I find the consistency ...

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