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6:12 AM . 11 Aug 17

I find this product makes my hair feels weird and funny. It is true that my hair becomes heavy and thick, but the results is not pretty. I'm not a fan. I don't know if it just me or maybe it can work for others. But I do like the foam, it feels calming LOL

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9:43 PM . 01 Jul 16

Bought this in travel size di sephora krn heard a lot of good stuff about this brand. I have thick but very straight hair that tends to lie really flat without help. This mousse did help but I didn't think that it was the wonder product it has been for some.  wanginya enak banget, like a citrucy smell which is very addictive to me. Yang ga sukanya berasa banget ada produk sesuatu di rambut, jadi kaya kotor gitu.But having said all that, it did give me great, touchable bounce and volume.

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Living Proof Full thickening mousse


1 year ago






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Mousse ringan yang membuat rambut halus dan tipis terlihat dan terasa tebal dan penuh. Full Thickening Mousse dirancang untuk rambut yang tipis dan terlihat tidak berkilau. Formula yang ringan ini mengandung molekul Living Proof yang telah dipatenkan, PBAE. Full Mousse juga fleksibel dan mampu menjaga tata rambut Anda.

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