(2 reviews)
Full thickening mousse
Living Proof
Rp. 395.000
2 Reviews
Straight, Normal, 19 - 24
11 Aug 2017

I find this product makes my hair feels weird and funny. It is true that my hair becomes heavy and thick, but the results is not pretty. I'm not a fan. I don't know if it just me or maybe it can work for others. But I do like the foam, it feels calming LOL

Wavy, Thick, 30 - 34
01 Jul 2016

<span>Bought this in travel size di sephora krn heard a lot of good stuff about this brand. I have thick but very straight hair that tends to lie really flat without help. This mousse did help but I didn't think that it was the wonder product it has been for some. &nbsp;wanginya enak banget, like a citrucy smell which is very addictive to me. Yang ...

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