(2 reviews)
Super Thick Volumizer
Rp. 330.000
2 Reviews
Straight, Normal, 30 - 34
06 Jan 2016

Aku punya ini karena dikasih, ngga pernah beli karena ngerasa ngga perlu-perlu amat, dan kemahalan hehe.<br /> A little goes a long way, hemat banget.<br /> Dan efektif bikin lebih bervolume tanpa bikin ngerasa lengket.

Wavy, Thick, 30 - 34
25 Oct 2015

I used to be sceptical about this product. There was a time when my hair just feel so flat even right after shampoo and blow dry. Hate it so much and i'm willing to try almost anything to help this problem.<br /> When the kiehls' sa recommend this, i just grab it and pray that it would work. Surprise surprise.. it is.<br /> It do help my hair (the ...

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