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9:32 AM . 19 Nov 15

I tried this tabelt mask because I ran out of my peelable cotton pads and this one was available at the local MUJI store. It's really surprising to get it here in Jakarta because I rarely see the store stocked this kind of stuff, so when I saw this once I knew I had to try this. First impression, the tablet mask absorbs the liquid easily. I have no difficulty in opening this one after it has been fully soaked. But now, talking about the size, unfortunately it's just too large for my face. Hahaha. I would still probably repurchase this one, but it's not essential things I would look for when MUJI restocks their skin care tools and accessories.

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8:59 AM . 19 Nov 15

tablet mask ini aku beli waktu itu pre order, karena katanya tablet mask dari Muji ini sangat bagus, kesan pertama kali pemakaian, aku taruh dimangkok kecil, terus kasih air dan essence yang kita mau jadikan sebagai masker, kemudian tunggu sampai tabletnya mekar dan agak besar, kemudian lepas, masker ini ngepas dimuka saya engga besar dan engga kecil, cuman kurangnya kertasnya kurang menyerap dan gampang kering, sebaiknya dipakai jangan dibawah ruangan ber-ac, dan enaknya ada tutup matanya juga jadi bisa dibawa tidur, aku sih bakal repurchase tablet mask yang lain yang lebih bagus ya, aku rasa biasa-biasa aja soalnya hehehe

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Muji Face Lotion Sheet


2 years ago






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Compressed Face Masks - Pack of 20. Add toner or lotion to the face mask until it has totally expanded. Open it fully and place on the face. Keep the mask on for 5-10 minutes. Non-woven cotton.

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