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5:38 PM . 01 Jan 16

Many beauty bloggers are raving about this shampoo so I decided to give it a try. My hair is dry and frizzy, so i tried Hambitmo variant in red bottle for damaged hair.

The bottle is very pretty and doesn't look cheap. The pump part of the bottle is the shape of ancient Korean hairpin like the one you see from Korean saeguk drama, it's indeed a very creative design!

However, I find that this shampoo didn't live up to its name. My hair becomes even drier and tangled, it didn't reduce my hair loss too. The only good thing about this shampoo is it has a very nice refreshing scent, it's very fragrant and has a quite strong ginseng scent. But no need to worry, the ginseng scent will be gone after you wash off your shampoo.

I found this shampoo at Qoo10.sg for only S$13 (500ml), and there are other shops that sell even cheaper for around S$7-8! But it's quite difficult (and very2 expensive!) to find in Indonesia.

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Ryoe Hambitmo


2 years ago






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Ryoe is an oriental premium Korean hair care brand by Amore Pacific, and specialize in using herbal products in theirKorean hair Care products. Ryoe has various types of Shampoos and what type of hair they suit.

An intense nourishing and cleansing formula for extremely damaged unruly hair. RYOE Hambitmo Damage Care Shampoo, featuring naturally fermented Jeju camellia oil, intensively cares deep inside of hair with abundance nutrient while provides shiny coating outside to protect the hair from other stimulants.Naturally-derived protein concentration makes thin and damaged hair strong and beautiful. Infused with Chinese medicine such as ginseng extract and pine leaf extract, this mild, natural daily shampoo energizes the hair from the deepest root to the end of the hair and scalp with nutrition, thus making smooth, healthy-looking, lustrous and manageable hair.

Major Ingredients:
Jeju Camellia Oil, Ginseng, Pine Leaf, Cheongung

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